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TR’s Quick Reads….Savitri Devi:
Mishri’s friends come to Malhotra mansion to meet her. They insist her to take her to hospital. Gayatri asks her to take them to meet Veer. Mishri and her friends meet Veer in the canteen. One of the friend asks Mishri to sit closely to Veer and pushes her towards him. Veer gets uncomfortable hearing them talking about their married life. He gets up angrily making some canteen stuff falls down. Mishri gets tensed. Sanchi comes to hospital with Dr. Kabir and goes to check what happened in the canteen. She gets disappointed to see Veer scolding Mishri and talking rudely with her friends.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

After Yash’s death, Vedika gets tortured. Pandit insults Vedika a lot. He tells her that she has married twice and turned widow, she is very unlucky, she shouldn’t have a place in the house, and live in an ashram for the rest of her life. Badi Amma and Puneesh enjoy the drama. Vedika is forced to get bald as per the old customs when a woman turns into a widow. Vedika dons the white saree. She mourns for Yash. She doesn’t want to give up her hair and finds the old traditions wrong. When Manjula forces Vedika, Sahil steps ahead and condemns the evil doers.


Soumya dances in the ladies party kept by Nani. Varun, Balwinder and Kishan Lal plan to harm Harman to take revenge. Varun holds Harman responsible for not supporting him, but Surbhi. Surbhi throws Varun out of her life after rescuing Sumit. He makes a plan to kidnap him. They take a disguise of a kinnar and kidnap Harman. They take him with them, so that kinnars get blamed for his kidnapping.

Aditya promises Zoya not to go anywhere leaving her. Zoya asks him to take her promise. He promises her. She is drunk by mistake. Aditya is dropping her home and wants to propose her. In the car, She ties his seat beat and listens to her favorite song in car. Aditya confesses to her that he wants to tell her that his wish is fulfilled, he got his peace, and tells that he is in love with her. He turns to Zoya and finds her sleeping. He smiles and thinks to propose her again. He drops her home.


Imli has kidnapped Saanvi. She wants to ruin Chakor and make Saanvi her bandhua. She gets bad to accomplish her bad motives. Gumaan gets to see Imli’s evil and gets impressed by her. He likes sharp minded and beautiful women. He goes with a proposal to Imli. He falls for Imli’s beauty. Imli asks her goons to make the ransom call and trouble Suraj. Suraj gets angry when the kidnapper demands a ransom and threatens about Saanvi. Chakor asks Suraj to do anything to get Saanvi back. Imli rejoices on their worries. She sees Suraj’s love for Chakor in tact and plans something to make Suraj against Chakor. Imli thinks she has taken revenge by snatching Saanvi from Suraj and Chakor.

Kinjal finds Ishika’s scarf with Roop and teases him. She asks him to take Ishika to coffee and befriend her. Roop thinks to return her scarf while Ishika thinks to return his jacket. Shamsher pressurizes Kamla to ask Roop to join police team. Ishika tells her parents about Roop proving his innocence. Roop and Ishika meet each other. Roop extends hand of friendship. Ishika accepts it. Shamsher looks at them.

Krishna Chali London:

Dubey wants Krishna and Radhe to get divorced. He insults Shukla in rage. Shukla and Dubey have a big argument. Dubey drags Shukla on the roads and insults him in front of the neighborhood. Shukla loses his cool. Dubey asks Shukla will he get him arrested again. Radhe tells Shukla that he has done wrong with Dubey and should apologize. He supports Krishna. Shukla ousts Radhe and Krishna from the house, and asks them to manage their living. Shukla can’t stand that Radhe has become Krishna’s puppet.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni tells Suyash that she needs to accept Chiku as her own daughter to keep her promise to Shreya. She decides not to have her own child. Falguni does a drama of fainting by stress. Suyash worriedly rushes her to room and helps her. He asks Uttara to be with Falguni and share her worries, since Falguni isn’t expressing her opinions to him. Uttara learns that Falguni is going for the operation of uterus removal. Falguni sheds tears as she is giving up her happiness for Chiku’s sake. Uttara stops Falguni from the operation. She wants to tell Suyash about Falguni’s operation.

Piyaa Albela:
Danish informs Naren about Angraj eloping from window and going somewhere. Naren tells him that he is sure Angraj went to confirm his doubt. Angraj digs the grave and opens the coffin. He is shocked to see Naren’s body inside. He assumes Pooja is possessed by Naren’s ghost.. Pooja and Naren plan to expose him by making him believe that Naren’s ghost has captivated Pooja’s body. Pooja asks Naren to rush for the execution of his second step. Naren takes a scary disguise to shock his enemies.


Kunal and Nandini fight with their love emotions, changing for each other. They are connected via Mauli, who means a lot to them. They don’t want to hurt Mauli in any way. Kunal takes Nandini and Dida in his car. Kunal watches Nandini while driving. Nandini too steals a stare without letting him know. Their hide and seek goes on. Nandini thinks why is she feeling for Kunal, maybe because he is an ideal husband and a wonderful human being. She reminds herself that Kunal is Mauli’s husband. She limits her heart from growing feelings for Kunal.

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