Mrs. Bhalla commits a blunder to rest her fears in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mrs. Bhalla to poison Ishita

Ishita tells Mihika that she has replaced all the medicines and bedding in her room, baby will find a comfort at home now. She asks Mihika to return home, everyone is missing baby Adi. Mrs. Bhalla stays disturbed thinking about the fake tantric’s words. She can’t believe that Ishita is harmful for the baby. She keeps an eye on Ishita. Raman finds Ishita happy. She tells him that Shagun has sent Pihu’s childhood clothes for baby. Raman tells her that Mihika is throwing much tantrums as she has become a mother. He reminds Ishita her stance for her children. He calls her a tigress. She tells him that she is happy to see same intense love in Mihika’s heart, the baby will be much loved by Mihika, she will surely become a good mother for him.

Raman tells her that she will always sense the problem, as she is also a spy. She is happy that the family is happy. He complains that she doesn’t give him chance to romance. They have a moment. Mrs. Bhalla stays disturbed. She doesn’t want to harm Ishita. She sheds tears and feels she can’t do anything to save the baby.

Parmeet tells Simmi that they have to grow Mrs. Bhalla’s fears by some plan, so that Mrs. Bhalla takes the extreme step of killing Ishita. Mihika tells Ishita that the baby is fine and slept well at night. Ishita finds her tired and asks her to take some good sleep. She tells Mihika that she will give a bath to the baby. She is happy seeing Mihika as the possessive mother. Ishita takes baby with her. Parmeet and Simmi get a chance to prove Ishita wrong. Simmi drops some oil on the floor to make Ishita fall down.

Ishita slips on the floor, but saves the baby from getting hurt. Simmi takes Mrs. Bhalla to show Ishita’s careless behavior. Ishita gets hurt too, but nobody cares for her. Ishita apologizes to them for her accidental fall. Mrs. Bhalla turns angry on her and starts believing that she is really a danger for the baby. Raman pacifies Ishita and asks her to talk to Mrs. Bhalla when her anger calms down. Mrs. Bhalla proceeds to spike the milk and harm Ishita. The shocking twist breaks the family again. Will Raman lose Ishita forever? Keep reading.

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