Roop: Ishika to make Shamsher punish Roop

Shamsher opposes Roop

Shamsher is ready to do anything to turn Roop into a cop. Roop tops the class and takes another step towards his dream. Shamsher doesn’t get happy with his marks. Roop hopes Ishika sees his good side. Roop has fallen in love with Ishika. He finds excuses to meet Ishika. He hides from her family and enters her bedroom to meet her. Ishika gets a shock on seeing him. He gets flirting with her. She finds him a cheapster and scolds him. He tells her that no thief can dare to come to her house, the thief would know you will attack him with the big weapon, your book. She says I should have known this, get out, else I will really beat you. He tells her that he doesn’t get scared of anyone’s threatening. He asks for money. She says I won’t give you money, no means no. He asks what did she say, till he gets money, he will sit here, he won’t mind to have morning tea with her. She asks him not to trouble. He says just give the money and I will be off from here. He returns her dupatta and makes her wear it. They share an eyelock.

Roop gets sighted by family. Ishika tells Tau ji that Roop didn’t enter the bedroom, he was just at the window. Tau ji says but he has entered our house, this can’t be forgiven. Roop says I told Ishika that I can do anything but she shouldn’t come in my way, she didn’t listen to me, so I have come to threaten her. He fakes a drama to save her.

Roop makes Ishika pay for the tea vendor loss. Roop acts drunk to manage the matter. Roop gets into a fight with her cousin brother. Ishika doesn’t want to spare him. The family misunderstands Ishika and wants her to get married soon, instead having an affair this way. Ishika denies to have any relation with Roop. She gets upset with the false blames. Roop sees her getting affected by his lie. He thinks of apologizing to her for his mistake to come to her home at night. Roop and Ishika have a moment. She blames him for ruining her image in the family. She gets revengeful and goes to Shamsher to complain about Roop. She asks Shamsher to punish Roop.

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