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TR’s Quick Reads… Silsila: Mauli tries to give a surprise to Kunal. Nandini fights with her feelings. Nandini gets ignoring Kunal. Her behavior looks odd to Mauli. Mauli makes Nandini begin her cooking classes. Nandini diverts her mind by the cooking class. She gets praised for her extra-ordinary culinary skills. Nandini doesn’t want to hurt Mauli in any way. She feels guilty for growing feelings for Kunal. Mauli hides the surprise clinic plan from Kunal. She finalizes the place. She gets excited and thinks of Kunal’s reaction. She tells everyone that she has a big secret surprise.


Shivay stays outside Anika’s house, even when it rains. He falls ill. He collapses down. Anika runs to Shivay to take care of him. Shivay works hard to get forgiveness for his mistakes. She realizes that he is putting much efforts to impress her and make things fine for them. Shivay shocks Anika by his determination and passion. Anika takes him to home and looks after him to cure him. They both come close. She can’t see him hurt. Shivay learns about Anika’s birthday. He plans to surprise her and win her heart. Shivay works hard to please Anika. He decorates her home and gets a cake for her birthday celebrations.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Lovely blackmails Mohendar to conceal Kullfi’s truth. Lovely feels Tevar really cares for her and Amyra, while Sikandar doesn’t care for her. Sikandar doesn’t understand Lovely’s insecurities. He doesn’t like Lovely and Amyra’s wrong doings. She knows that Sikandar doesn’t love her, but Tevar truly loves her, Tevar understands her and loves her even knowing her flaws. She will be choosing Tevar over Sikandar in the coming track. Sikandar and Kulfi will be seen celebrating their happiness. They sing at a concert together. Singer Sukhvinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and others will also grace the show for the concert special.

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