Silsila: Nandini to blurt out her love confession

Silsila spoilers

in Silsila, Kunal makes a pizza for Mauli and writes I love you on it. Nandini gets the pizza from Mauli. Mauli tells her that Kunal has made it for just her, just she doesn’t want to have it now. Nandini uncovers the plate and gets a huge shock seeing the pizza. Mauli says Kunal has written this message for me. Kunal insists her to have the pizza. Mauli tells him that now when she has given the pizza to Nandini, they should let Nandini have it. Kunal thinks if this is a sign that his love is meant for Nandini. Mauli’s mom alerts her about Nandini again. Kunal and Nandini have an awkward moment. Nandini ignores Kunal. She is scared to face Kunal. She runs away seeing him. He wants this angst to end, since they are living in the same house. Kunal wants Nandini to stay comfortable.

Nandini worries because of the bad weather. She advises Mauli and Kunal to cancel their outing in such a windy weather. Mauli tells Nandini that its important for her to finish the work. The family also worries for Mauli. Kunal assures them that he will be with Mauli to look after her. Nandini wants both of them to stay fine. Kunal is ready to face the storms, than facing his feelings for Nandini at home.

A bridge collapses by rains. Nandini gets the shocking news and runs to check on Kunal and Mauli’s safety. She reaches the site and looks for them. She sees the dead people taken by the medical staff. She sees Kunal and Nandini’s car crushed. She assumes the worst. She breaks down on not finding them. When Kunal appears there, she gets too happy seeing him. Kunal gets rescued by police. Nandini turns emotional and runs to Kunal. Nandini hugs him and confesses her love to him. She tells Kunal that she can’t see him hurt, she loves him a lot. Her love confession takes place unknowingly.

She didn’t plan anything such to speak out her feelings, but the situation makes her realize that Kunal is her love. Kunal is taken aback by her sudden love confession. Kunal also reciprocates her love and hugs her. Kunal and Nandini have an emotional moment. He wipes her tears. She then realizes what has she done and gets away from Kunal. She sees Mauli rescued by police. She realizes she has done wrong to hug Kunal and runs away. She goes back home before Mauli could see her. Mauli reaches Kunal and expresses her worries. She also hugs Kunal and cries. Kunal looks for Nandini, while Mauli tells him how scared she was. He has decided he will not cheat Mauli and concentrate on his marriage, than thinking about his relation with Nandini. Nandini and Kunal are very much in love, but they both limit themselves because of Mauli.

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