Jiji Maa’s next big twist brings more action and drama

Big twist in Jiji Maa

There is another big twist lined in. Falguni goes for the operation to keep her promise to Shreya. She reaches the hospital and get done with the tests. She finds Suyash at the hospital, looking for her. She takes a nurse’s disguise when he enters the operation theatre. Falguni makes the nurse take a patient’s place. Suyash gets relieved that Falguni is not getting operated. Falguni gets saved from him and runs out. She gets to spot the terrorists gang, who assume her to be the nurse who is helping them. Falguni and her family get stuck at the hospital, where some terrorists hold them captive. She worries for her family members.

She makes a plan to save everyone. She tricks the terrorists and sends a message to the doctors to save the minister, who is the actual target. Falguni manages to escape and get all the terrorists caught.

She saves everyone and the minister by her smartness. Falguni makes her family proud. She risks her life for the sake of her country. She raises the country’s flag and salutes it. Everyone attends the flag hoisting ceremony. Suyash salutes his wife for her bravery and intelligence. She proves that she is selfless once again. It become a proud moment for everyone. Minister applauds Falguni and gives her a bravery reward.

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