Krishna Chali London (PicFiction): Shukla to handover his business to Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna's help

Shukla gets revengeful against Krishna. He plots new things to trouble Krishna. He wants to make Krishna’s living a hell in Shukla house. He gets into the drama zone and starts acting helpless and troubled, so that Krishna comes ahead with the solution on her own. He tells her that he is much troubled as his sons are illiterate. He acts that he has become much weak after suffering the heart attack. The problem is to find someone suitable who can manage Shukla’s business. He doesn’t think his sons can manage his business responsibility. He asks educated Krishna to manage his business so that he can be assured of the duties.

He doesn’t want any more shocks from his sons. He asks his sons to be ashamed, they don’t know any maths, calculations and accounts. He asks them if they will ruin his business if he goes to hospital for a week.

Krishna offers him help. She tells Shukla that she can manage the shops and petrol pumps business. Shukla asks her if she is sure about it, as business isn’t easy. He plans this interesting game and shocks everyone with his cool reaction. Shukla’s wife wonders if Shukla is up to something again. Krishna thinks this is the chance to impress Shukla and end his annoyance. Shukla plans to frame Krishna in the business losses. He is happy to bear any loss just to let Krishna down. Krishna will be finding Triloki’s scam in accounts and expose him. She will be helping Shukla and proving her real worth.

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