Parmeet to get even with Pihu’s kidnapping in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Parmeet plans kidnapping

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, there is another kidnapping track. Raman and Ishita go along with Simmi to the police station and defend Simmi so that she doesn’t get arrested. They ask inspector to make Simmi a government witness against Parmeet and skip the punishment. Inspector apologizes to them and tells them that Simmi will be arrested for the crimes. Raman arranges bail for Simmi, and stops her arrest. He asks inspector to arrest Parmeet, since he is a threat for entire Bhalla family. Pihu likes spending time with her friends in the camp. Parmeet decides to kidnap Pihu and get back to Simmi, Raman and Ishita. Pihu senses someone around and look if there is anyone. Raman and Ishita’s goodness gets seen by Simmi, who feels ashamed of her crimes.

Simmi gets grateful to Ishita for all her favors done till now. She feels sorry to hurt Raman and Ishita so much. She falls in her own eyes. She feels guilty. Ishita finds her upset and tries to cheer her up. Simmi breaks down and asks Ishita to beat and punish her for going against her family. She admits that she has got blind in revenge and ruined many lives.

Raman believes that Simmi isn’t bad and was not sorrowful about losing Ananya. Simmi refuses to go back to family. Raman and Ishita get Simmi home and tell them that Simmi is free on bail. Simmi gets loved by the family once again. She feels lucky to get her loving family back. She pampers Adi’s baby with love and bonds with him. Ruhi informs Raman and Ishita that Pihu is coming in the school bus. Ishita tries to normalize Simmi. She asks Simmi to help her in cooking. Raman asks Simmi not to cook if she doesn’t want. Simmi feels like crying and refuses. She then agrees to cook the dish and surprise the family. Ishita tries her best to make Simmi feel happy by forgetting the matter. Ishita and Raman get worried for Pihu, who didn’t come home till now. Pihu tells her teacher that she wants to go home.

Parmeet creates the misunderstanding to kidnap Pihu. Raman learns about the fake call made from the camp and rushes to the camp to get her. Raman feels Pihu is in some problem. Pihu stays with her teacher. Raman tells Ishita that someone has given us wrong information, something is definitely wrong. Parmeet gets into a clown’s avatar. Simmi realizes its Parmeet’s deed and tells Raman that she will come along, as she knows why is Parmeet doing this. Mani and Shagun get busy in organizing a fun event. The man complains to them that he has lost his clown’s costume. He tells them about Parmeet, who has stolen his costume. Mani and Shagun get clued that Parmeet is up to something evil again. Parmeet begins the scary game with Pihu, while IshRa try to safeguard their dear daughter.

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