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    Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

    TR’s Don’t Miss Out… Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:
    Saurabh is Kanchan’s culprit, who ruined her respect and is still blackmailing her to cancel her marriage with Vishesh. Saurabh stays in Vishesh’s good books and gifts him an important legal case to kickstart Vishesh’s law career. Vishesh gets thankful to Saurabh and regards him an elder brother. Saurabh gets angry on Kanchan for not listening to him and going against him to marry Vishesh. Kanchan has no idea that the culprit is Saurabh. Vishesh and Kanchan get married, while Saurabh tries ways to foil it. Kanchan gets scared with the post marriage rituals. She gears up to fight with her fears to keep Vishesh’s heart. She gets strength from Vishesh’s love. Saurabh realizes that he missed his locket in the palace. He worries that the locket can expose him in front of Vishesh and Kanchan. Vishesh gets the locket when the servant finds it fallen somewhere. He doesn’t identify it and gets close to ask Kanchan about it.

    Jiji Maa:
    Suyash gets close to learn about Falguni’s operation. Uttara tries hard to stop Falguni from undergoing the operation. She wants Suyash and Falguni to have their own child. Falguni makes Uttara swear that she won’t tell anything to Suyash. Falguni and Uttara secretly go to the hospital. Uttara cries for Falguni’s decision. Suyash reaches the hospital with Chiku and sees Falguni by chance. He sees Falguni inside the operation theatre and wonders what is she doing there. Falguni spots Suyash at the door and takes nurse’s help to mislead him. She then gets surrounded by some terrorists, and turns brave to counter them.

    Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
    Akhilesh refuses to get remarried, since he loves just Ira. He asks Pushpa not to force him for marriage. This makes Pushpa meet Ira and pressurize her to leave Akhilesh if she really loves them. Ira gets compelled to listen to Pushpa and leave the city to get away from Akhilesh’s life. She makes a promise to Pushpa that she will be going too far from Akhilesh. Pushpa gets relieved that Akhilesh will forget Ira. Akhilesh feels Ira is in danger. He wants to meet her once to get peace of mind. Pushpa hides her locket and asks Akhilesh to find it. She tells him that he can’t go anywhere till she finds her locket. Akhilesh misses to meet Ira. Pushpa hopes that Ira boards the flight before Akhilesh reaches her.


    Rajdeep gets angry on his friend, who is also a lawyer by profession. His friend handles his divorce case. He asks Rajdeep why did he hurry for divorce. Rajdeep says Nandini wants divorce, Mauli is provoking Nandini, how dare Nandini decide to divorce me, she is an illiterate woman. He doesn’t want to spare Mauli. The lawyer tells him that Nandini signed on the divorce papers, which is a proof that Rajdeep tortured her, Mauli isn’t known to the judge, who will just believe Nandini’s words.


    Nani keeps the fast, which makes her health bad. Soumya wants Nani to break the fast. She tells Preeto that this is the only way to break Nani’s fast, Nani has a right to know the truth, she deserves to know about Harman’s life. Soumya dresses up as a kinner and goes downstairs, while clapping and behaving like kinners do. Nani gets puzzled and asks Soumya what is she doing. Preeto tries hard to stop Soumya. When Soumya doesn’t listen, Preeto scolds Soumya and asks her to tell everyone that Soumya is a kinner. Nani can’t believe Soumya’s kinner avatar. She didn’t imagine that Soumya is a kinner.

    Tu Aashiqui:

    Rangoli manages to fool Ahaan again and take him along to Delhi for their new album launch. Rangoli makes sure that she presents a constant threat on herself so that Ahaan stays with her all the time in order to protect her. Rangoli’s aide sends the threatening letters and makes scary appearances in front of Ahaan. Rangoli convinces Ahaan to be with her. Ahaan and Rangoli enjoy at the album song launch event. Pankti suspects Rangoi’s foul play.

    Krishna Chali London:
    Dubey gets instigated by Prashant to get Krishna and Radhe divorce. Dubey thinks of the dire consequences and gets scared for Krishna’s life. He doesn’t want Shukla to kill Krishna in his madness. He gets the divorce papers prepared and leaves for Kanpur to meet Shukla family. Dubey meets Krishna and hands over the divorce papers to her, asking her to sign on it and get her freedom back. Krishna doesn’t understand the reason for his sudden move. Radhe asks Dubey not to separate him from Krishna and give him one chance.

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