Jiji Maa: Uttara makes a big revelation

Jiji Maa Twist: Uttara's crimes to get surfaced

Uttara has been sobbing for a while. She will be returning to her wicked role again. When Falguni is injected before the operation, Uttara shows her true colours. Uttara reveals her truth to Falguni, on seeing Falguni unconscious. She tells Falguni about her biggest cheat. She knew that Falguni will believe her emotional drama and tears. She admits that she has got Shreya at home and plotted the entire tale of Chiku and Shreya’s relation with Suyash. She tells Falguni that she has got Chiku home only to make Falguni feel guilty. She says Shreya’s accident was also a drama, I wanted you to promise Shreya that you won’t have any child, you will be losing your womb in some time and I will win, then I won’t need to do this lovey dovey drama. She has lied to the family that Chiku is Suyash’s daughter.

She has played a clever game to achieve her motives. She says you will be becoming infertile from now and won’t be able to give Rawat family a heir, this way Suyash’s fake child won’t get any property and he won’t have his own child, its fun to reveal this to you, you have got ready to give up motherhood for Shreya, who was a big fraud.

She says Shreya was in need of money and I employed her, along with her neighbor Bhanu, Suyash had no such relation with Shreya. She has made Chiku against Falguni so that Falguni sinks in guilt and goes for the operation. She reveals how she has taken advantage of Chiku’s hatred and compelled Falguni for this operation. She feels proud of her superb plan. She laughs on Falguni’s sympathetic state. She is confident that she will win this dream. She says Falguni has hurt me a lot, I can never forgive her. She goes out of operation theatre and waits for the operation to end. Doctor tells Uttara that the operation is done. Uttara meets Falguni and sheds fake tears for Falguni’s loss. She asks Falguni why didn’t she listen to her, how will she tell this truth to Suyash, will he forgive her. Falguni gets stressed.

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