TR’s Don’t Miss Out Reminders

    Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

    TR’s Don’t Miss Out Reminders… Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
    Mariam tries hard to find Majaaz, being mistaken that he has reached Pakistan to take her home. Majaaz falls helpless and cries out for his beloved daughter Mariam. The entire family gets worried for Aijaz’s disappearance. Majaaz is not allowed to travel to Pakistan and faces visa hassles. He decides to reach Mariam by unlawful ways. He worries for Mariam’s life and feels she is in some big danger. Mariam stays strong with Majaaz’s inspiring words and fights with the bad people to fail their motives.


    Anjor gets punished by her dad, who is paid by Imli for torturing Anjor. The man doesn’t think of anything and troubles Anjor, just for the sake of money. He reminds his wife that Imli will kill them. Anjor gets loved by her mother, who feels her pain equally. The lady wishes Anjor gets her freedom. She falls helpless because of Imli. Imli wants to let Anjor live so that she can use her at the right time. She believes that Anjor is the key by which she can control Chakor, Suraj and Gumaan altogether.

    Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
    Bhavik gets worried knowing Ira is going to USA. He decides to inform Akhilesh so that Akhilesh can stop Ira. When he calls up Akhilesh, Pushpa receives the call and gets angry. Pushpa calls Ira and asks her not to let Akhilesh know that she is going abroad, since her brother is trying to inform Akhilesh. Ira assures that Bhavik won’t call them again. Akhilesh feels that Ira is going too far from him. He gets worried for her. Devina finds Pushpa’s locket and confronts her for the drama of losing the locket and wasting their time. Akhilesh catches Pushpa’s lie and realizes that there is a big reason behind it. He understands that Pushpa is sending Ira far. Akhilesh decides to stop Ira before its too late.

    Tu Aashiqui: Pankti finds a chance to spy on Rangoli and catch her red handed. She learns that Rangoli is behind the fake stalker drama and confronts her over fooling Ahaan. She asks Rangoli if she wants to get Ahaan’s sympathy and attention. This angers Rangoli and she blurts out that she wants Ahaan’s love. She tells Pankti that she wants to marry Ahaan and live with him forever. Pankti gets a huge shock knowing Rangoli’s psychotic side. She challenges Rangoli to do anything to win Ahaan. She tells Rangoli that Ahaan is just of Pankti, but nobody else can win his heart. She asks Rangoli to play any games, only to get defeated. Rangoli gets enraged and decides to break Ahankti by using Poorva.


    Shivay and Anika fall in a stucky situation when Anika’s Sindoor gets spotted by Nikhil and his family, who question Anika about having Sindoor in her hairline before the marriage. Nikhil wants to know why did Anika apply Sindoor. He suspects on Anika and Nikhil’s relation, which could be more than as presented by guilty Shivay. Anika receives the shagun from Nikhil’s family. She tries to avoid the question, when she can’t answer about Shivay and her marriage. Shivay asks Anika not to tell anything about their marriage, which was just a mistake. Anika asks Shivay to help her come out of this explanatory situation.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Dubey and Shukla have a heated argument, which results in Shukla’s humiliation in front of his guests. Shukla rages that Dubey ruined the Teej celebrations at his home. Dubey asks Krishna to sign the divorce papers and get her deserved freedom. Prashant is hopeful that Krishna will divorce Radhe. He aims to marry Krishna and take her along to London. Krishna postpones the matter and sends Dubey home.


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