Udaan: Destiny to bring Chakor and Anjor together

Chakor and Anjor meet in Udaan

Anjor gets punished by her dad, who is paid by Imli for torturing Anjor. The man doesn’t think of anything and troubles Anjor, just for the sake of money. He reminds his wife that Imli will kill them. Anjor gets loved by her mother, who feels her pain equally. The lady wishes Anjor gets her freedom. She falls helpless because of Imli. Imli wants to let Anjor live so that she can use her at the right time. She believes that Anjor is the key by which she can control Chakor, Suraj and Gumaan altogether.

Anjor’s father burns her feet with burning wood and asks her never to think about studies. Anjor gets adamant that she will study in the school, where she is getting admission for free. Anjor bears the pain and screams out. Her pain reaches Chakor, who wakes up by her hearty call. Gumaan and Imli spend time together and strike a deal of equal partnership. Gumaan’s mother fools Tejaswini and doesn’t let her see Imli with Gumaan.

Tejaswini worries for Suraj, who left Aazaadgunj and went abroad to live afresh with Naina. Chakor gets a call from her parents. She gets adamant that she won’t return to Aazaadgunj till Suraj realizes his mistakes and repents for it.

Anjor makes toys and tells her friends about Gumaan and Imli. She tells them that she is enough to handle both of them. She wonders who will save her from problems, if she fails to handle everything. Her friends tell her that her mother will be saving her. Anjor has no idea about Chakor. She will be soon meeting Chakor. Chakor will return to Aazaadgunj and fight against Bandhuagiri again. Will Chakor learn the truth that Anjor is her daughter Saanvi? Keep reading.

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