Silsila: Kunal and Nandini’s mutual ‘decision’

Silsila: Kunal's hearty apology to Nandini

In Silsila, Nandini shifts to her new house. She starts unpacking her belongings. Mauli and Kunal help her settle down. Nandini thanks Kunal for finding the house for her. She gets impressed with his gestures and efforts. Nandini and Kunal get stuck in a room. They both feel odd. Kunal tells her that he will try to seek some help and get the stuck door opened. Nandini fears that Kunal will read her eyes and know her feelings. She tries to avoid him. She wonders if Kunal will question her about her love confession. Kunal tells Nandini that whatever happened between them, its better to end it, else it will hurt everyone. He decides to stay distant from Nandini, so that their love phase ends.

Kunal and Nandini mutually conclude to stay apart, so that they don’t get hurt. Kunal and Nandini have a moment, which breaks by Mauli opening the door. Kunal tells Mauli that he had come to Nandini’s room to help her out, but the door got stuck. Mauli feels his behavior weird and asks him not to clarify anything.

Kunal and Nandini completely want to avoid each other, but destiny brings them together. Mauli doesn’t like the new flat. She feels Nandini should live in her house. Mauli asks Nandini why is she feeling discomfort. She praises Nandini for being a great cook. Dida tells Mauli that she also wants great food at home, Nandini should have stayed back with them. Mauli laughs on Dida’s humor and jokes that Kunal and Nandini are having an affair. Kunal gets worried. It gets difficult for him to get separated from Nandini. Kunal and Nandini want to forget each other. Kunal doesn’t want to be disloyal to Mauli. He wishes to protect Mauli from all sorrows. Mauli and Rajdeep have a hit and miss. Rajdeep sees Nandini and follows her. Rajdeep will be entering Nandini’s life again to trouble her, which would make Kunal take a stand for her.


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