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Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet sends the blood notes to threaten Raman, Ishita and Simmi. Simmi tells him that she wants to repent for her crimes and save Pihu. Raman tells her that Parmeet has gone mad, he may harm her. Ishita asks Simmi not to risk her life. Raman tries to get some help. Simmi is sure that Parmeet has left some sign for her to reach him. She knows Parmeet and his evil well. She tries to get clues. Raman and Ishita get some help from the watchman and inform the police. Simmi tells Raman that someone has disconnected the landline as well. Parmeet calls Simmi and guides her for meeting him. She agrees to meet him, and makes a plan to save Pihu.


Anika gets questioned about her Sindoor. Anika tells everyone that she has applied it by her belief. Omkara wants to tell them that Anika and Shivay are already married. Gauri asks him not to go against Shivay’s wish, even Anika has left the decision on destiny. He hopes that destiny decides for them and unites them. Nikhil gets Anika and Shivay’s marriage video and reacts angrily. He gets yelling at Anika and takes her for a personal talk, while stopping all the marriage functions. He questions Anika about her marriage with Shivay. Anika tells him that she wanted to tell him the truth. Shivay apologizes to Nikhil and tells him that it was just his angry move, Anika wasn’t happy during the marriage, she was compelled to marry because of him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira find it tough to go for the divorce, as they never imagined to see this phase of their life. Mansi and Anmol get married in the presence of their families. Naira gets crying and stops herself from signing the papers. Even Kartik can’t get courage to sign the papers. The lawyers ask them to focus and sign on the right place on the papers. They get compelling KaiRa for the divorce proceedings. Rajshri reaches the court with Naksh and Kirti, but fail to get inside. Rajshri wishes that she stops the divorce on time. Kartik and Naira sign on the papers and try to hold on to their breaking heart. Naksh sees the guards busy and runs away to reach Kartik and Naira.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla angrily ousts Radhe and Krishna from the house. He tells Radhe that he is his son and shouldn’t have done this to insult the family. He doesn’t want to stoop low and bear the humiliation because of his children. He asks Radhe to remain as his wife’s puppet. He tells Radhe that now he will end his relations with him. He takes away all the rights from Radhe. He tells them that Radhe was his dearest son, but now he will mourn for their relation’s death. He doesn’t forgive Radhe and Krishna.


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