Krishna Chali London: Radhe and Krishna find a new shelter

Krishna Chali London spoilers

In Krishna Chali London, Shukla angrily ousts Radhe and Krishna from the house. He tells Radhe that he is his son and shouldn’t have done this to insult the family. He doesn’t want to stoop low and bear the humiliation because of his children. He asks Radhe to remain as his wife’s puppet. He tells Radhe that now he will end his relations with him. He takes away all the rights from Radhe. He tells them that Radhe was his dearest son, but now he will mourn for their relation’s death. He doesn’t forgive Radhe and Krishna.

Radhe doesn’t want to leave the house. Krishna didn’t imagine the Teej will get so much sorrow for them. Radhe’s mum doesn’t want him to go. Bela gets happy that Krishna is finally getting out. Radhe’s mum begs him not to go. She doesn’t bless Krishna and blames her for separating Radhe from them. Radhe takes a look at his house before leaving. Radhe and Krishna leave the house and get upset. Radhe tries to avoid Saajan. Saajan finds him on the roads and asks him where is he doing.

Radhe feels ashamed to tell him that Shukla has oust him from the house. When Saajan learns the matter from Radhe, he gets a big shock. Radhe tells him that Shukla has angrily thrown him and Krishna out of the house, and now he is searching for a house to live. Saajan beats him for making him a stranger. He asks Radhe to come to his house and stay. He gets angry that Radhe is getting ego in between his friendship. He commands Krishna to come with him, and let Radhe follow them.

Radhe agrees to Saajan and goes with him. He cries on recollecting the sorrowful incident. Shukla and his wife also can’t ignore this big incident and pretend happy. They also cry for making Radhe away. Radhe and his parents feel the same pain of separation. Saajan feels sorry for Radhe. Krishna tells Saajan that everything happened because of Dubey’s anger, Dubey has insulted Shukla, but Radhe is paying a price for it. Dubey tells Prashant that Krishna has refused to come home by divorcing Radhe. Krishna doesn’t want Prashant to reach Shukla love. Prashant meets Shukla and joins hands with him.


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