Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar’s shocking move before the big concert

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Sikandar's big emotional let down

Sikandar tells Kullfi some tales from the history. He tells her about the great freedom fighters’ struggles to free their country. Kulfi imagines her aunt Nihalo as a Britisher, who is torturing her uncle. Sattu plays the role of the poor man, who is held captive by Britishers. Kulfi sings Inqelaab Zindabad and tries to save Sattu. She opposes her Nihalo and asks her to leave her country. She teaches a lesson to Nihalo.

Meanwhile, Amyra and her friends make fun of Kulfi. Kulfi gets humiliated and cries. Sikandar gets emotional seeing Kulfi cry. He shouts on Amyra for making Kulfi cry. He gets angry on the spoilt children and compares them with Kulfi, who is good-hearted. Amyra cries when Sikandar hugs Kulfi and sends Amyra away. He dislikes Amyra’s jealousy. Kulfi feels bad that Amyra called her illiterate.

Kulfi wants to study so that she can give an answer to everyone. Sikandar realizes that Amyra is hurt by his words. He is also fed up that the more he explains Amyra, the more she is going against him. He wants Amyra to listen to him once and try to understand Kulfi. Kulfi sees Amyra crying in her room and tries to cheer her up. Kulfi tries to befriend Amyra to bring Sikandar at peace. Sikandar gets drunk just before the concert. He is upset with Kulfi is singing for Amyra. He is against the fraud done in music concert.

Bebe tries to explain Sikandar. Sikandar cries that he is an useless father, he isn’t able to do right with any child, both Kulfi and Amyra are suffering because of me. He asks how can I cheat myself, my Guru, Kulfi and myself, I have cheated Nimrat seven years before the same way, this guilt will kill me. Kulfi worries that Sikandar can’t sing in that state. She prays that he gets fine and comes to normal state. Kulfi finds it a big task to make Sikandar sing at the concert and save his career. Kulfi doesn’t want Sikandar to sing in sorrow. Kulfi will sing with Sikandar to make his performance a hit.

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