Jiji Maa: Falguni attempts to bring out Uttara’s truth

High Point Drama in Jiji Maa and Muskaan

Falguni learns Uttara’s big truth, that Uttara has been cheating her till now. Falguni reveals Uttara’s truth to Niyati. The sisters make a plan to scare Uttara. Falguni fakes death. Suyash is also involved in the plan. Falguni asks Suyash to give her 24 hours time to bring Uttara’s truth out. Falguni dies in front of Uttara. Falguni takes a spirit’s avatar to shock Uttara and make her accept all the crimes. They all scare Uttara. Uttara undergoes a kidney operation, and feels she is hallucinating in the drugged state.

Uttara can’t believe that she is seeing Falguni’s spirit. Falguni tries hard to expose Uttara’s truth in front of Suyash and family. Suyash assists Falguni. Shom also helps Falguni hide from Uttara. Shom is also working for Falguni now. Falguni compels Uttara to kill her spirit. Uttara points gun at spirit. Shom acts to get shot by Uttara. There is much drama. Suyash doesn’t know if Uttara is wrong, but gives a fair chance to Falguni to prove everything.



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