Jiji Maa: Falguni to learn Uttara’s big plan

Jiji Maa: Falguni

Falguni spots Shreya at the shooting set and learns her real name Pooja. She follows Shreya and tries to talk to her. Shreya avoids Falguni and hides from her. Uttara meets Shreya, who threatens her about Chiku. She asks Shreya why didn’t she hide from Falguni for few days. She gets angry on Shreya for risking her big goals by her foolishness. Shreya gets into an argument with Uttara. Uttara tells Shreya that she won’t let her stay alive if she turns useless for her, and she can harm her daughter Chiku as well. Shreya gets scared and begs her not to hurt Chiku. She agrees to mislead Falguni until the surgery happens. Falguni reaches Shreya, but misses to see her or Uttara.

She wonders if she was mistaken about spotting Shreya. Uttara warns Shreya against committing any mistake. Falguni tells Uttara that she has seen Shreya. Uttara asks her not to think much, maybe its because of the promise given to Shreya. She lies to Suyash for Falguni’s sake and makes Falguni feel guilty. Falguni tells Uttara that she will tell the entire truth to Suyash.

The doctor postpones the surgery for her personal problem. Niyati gets emotional on knowing about the operation postponement. Niyati asks her to take this as a good sign and cancel the operation. Falguni doesn’t change her decision. Uttara and Falguni come to the same cafe where Shreya is partying with her friends. Shreya hides from them. Falguni picks Shreya’s phone but doesn’t see her. Uttara stops Falguni from seeing Shreya again. She reprimands Shreya. Shreya begs her to forgive her. Uttara asks her not to cross her path. Shreya also finds a way to blackmail Uttara. She asks Uttara not to think of hurting Chiku. Uttara rushes to Falguni to stop her from seeing the audio clip sent by Shreya. Shreya and Uttara’s hitting games begin.

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