Ishqbaaz: Omkara’s true advice for Shivika next

Omkara tells Anika that she shouldn’t worry about Shivay in Ishqbaaz

In Ishqbaaz, Shivay proves himself as the winner after wearing red color attire in the party. He helps Anika get over her aquaphobia. Anika tells him that she is really scared of water. He eases out things for her, by diverting her with his romantic touch. Anika realizes she is in middle of the water and screams for help. He assures her that he is with her. They come close while healing her fears. He tells her that he will never let any fear touch her. They happily romance in the pool. Anika feels he is the one who understands her the most. She rethinks about her marriage with Nikhil. She gets in to a dilemma over believing Shivay’s decision or destiny. Tia breaks into their personal moment and upsets them by badmouthing about Anika. Shivay takes a stand for Anika.

He tells Tia that she should not claim to be his fiancee, as Daksh has done much evil with Priyanka and Anika. Tia apologizes to him and asks him not to punish her for Daksh’s mistakes.

Shivay tells her that he has the evidence that she has attacked Anika and she is equally involved in Daksh’s crimes. He warns her against planning anything and sends her away. Anika thinks about her moment with Shivay and decides that she won’t marry Nikhil. She believes in her marriage with Shivay, even though Shivay doesn’t accept their relation. She wants to try and keep her relation with Shivay. She takes their togetherness as destiny. She accepts her feelings with Shivay. She faces Tia’s wrath.

Tia challenges her that she will never let Shivay and Anika come close. She asks Anika to just dream, but she won’t be able to win Shivay’s love. Anika gives Tia a solid reply. She thanks Tia for bringing Shivay and her together. She feels she has got her first and final love Shivay. She rejoices this feeling and gets into celebration mood. Shivay tells Omkara that he doesn’t want any trouble in Anika’s marriage. Omkara asks Shivay to talk to Anika and try to keep the marriage. Shivay tells him about the divorce. Omkara tells him that relations don’t end this way, its wrong to get Anika and Nikhil married. Shivay wants to unite them out of guilt. He tells Omkara that he doesn’t want to force their relation on Anika. He doesn’t feel Anika is made for him. Anika gets upset on hearing this. She doesn’t get discouraged. She wants to keep trying till she achieves her goals.

Shivay asks Priyanka to prepare for their haldi ceremony. He leaves for the meeting, while the lawyer arrives to give him the divorce papers for correction. Omkara meets Anika and tells her that he is getting mad in confusion, he wants her to stay as Shivay’s wife, and maybe even Shivay the same. He tells her that Shivay has put up a wrong sign by his pet name. He asks her to believe in destiny and her marriage. She tells him that she didn’t sign on the papers and stated that she has much belief in her marriage. He tells her that its a good thing that she is trying to convince Shivay. She tells Omkara that Shivay may not be willing for their union.

He clears her dilemma and tells her that Shivay also wants to postpone the divorce, its just because he has feelings for her. Omkara tells her that they both should unite, she shouldn’t marry Nikhil, Shivay will make an initiative when she backs out from the marriage and tries to explain Shivay. He requests her to fight for her love. Anika agrees to battle for her love, after getting the cute evidence. She asks Omkara to cancel her marriage with Nikhil. She thinks of talking to Nikhil politely and explain him about her decision. Anika will break her denial news to Nikhil to Shivay as well.

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