Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar to unite with his daughter Kulfi!

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: 'Homeless' twist for Tevar-Kulfi

Sikandar sings in the concert along with Kulfi. Their singing turns magical. Sikandar gets happy that Kulfi will ultimately win a name for her talent. They rock the concert together. Kulfi happily cries. She gets too emotional. Sikandar gets a good surprise when Kulfi comes on the stage instead Amyra, who didn’t deserve the stage. He also feels proud of Amyra, who kept his word and didn’t come for the performance. Kulfi’s talent comes in front of the world. Lovely doesn’t send Amyra for singing, as she plans a big thing to separate Sikandar and Kulfi. Tevar reaches there to break the big truth that Kulfi is his daughter.

Tevar meets Kulfi and gets emotional. He is misled by Lovely, who has bribed Nihalo to give the wrong testimony to him. Tevar hugs Kulfi and tells her that whatever belongs to him is of her now.

He tells Kulfi that he will give her everything she deserves in life. He pampers Kulfi. She takes his blessings and says I don’t want anything else than my father, you can pray for me that I find my dad. Sikandar takes Kulfi with him. Tevar gets arguing with Sikandar for Kulfi’s rights. He wants to show to what extent can a father go for his daughter. Sikandar and Tevar get into a heated argument because of Lovely’s lie.

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