Jiji Maa: Suyash to question Falguni’s planning

Big twist in Jiji Maa

Falguni will take revenge from Uttara. Uttara will be realizing her big mistake of challenging Falguni. Falguni fakes the death, as Uttara fakes Shreya’s death to fool the family. Falguni wants to bring Uttara’s truth in front of the family. Uttara receives a big shock when she sees Falguni’s spirit. She doesn’t lose courage and asks how did you come back, who are you. Falguni scares her out. She says you will fall lonely one day, none of your wicked plans will save you. Uttara gets worried and runs around in the house to get some help from family. She wonders where did the entire family disappear.

Falguni threatens her and gets close to her. Uttara runs away. Falguni asks her to admit what she has done with Gayatri, this is her last chance to confess the crimes. Uttara asks Suyash or Vidhaan to save her. She falls unconscious in fear. Everyone rushes to Uttara. Suyash scolds Falguni and asks her if she really thinks Uttara is wrong. He says nothing is proved that Uttara has committed the crimes, I don’t know why I m believing you and doing all this against my mom. Falguni asks her to keep up the drama and give her one last chance to prove the truth. Uttara’s evil will lose to Falguni.



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