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    Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Krishna Chali London: Krishna stops Radhe and Prashant from fighting. She asks Radhe not to fight like ridiculous illiterate people. Radhe tells her that he can’t see Prashant forcing her to leave with him. She asks him to let her handle the matter. Prashant asks her to look at herself and her silly in-laws family. He questions her if this was her dream. Shukla and his family get angry when Krishna yells at Radhe. She then surprises Radhe and everyone by criticizing Prashant for compelling her to leave. She asks Prashant who gave him this right to decide for her life. She scolds Prashant and asks him no to interfere in her life. She tells him that she isn’t a puppet, now she will decide for her life, she doesn’t want to sacrifice her own wish. She asks Prashant to leave from her house.


    Shivay proves himself as the winner after wearing red color attire in the party. He helps Anika get over her aquaphobia. Anika tells him that she is really scared of water. He eases out things for her, by diverting her with his romantic touch. Anika realizes she is in middle of the water and screams for help. He assures her that he is with her. They come close while healing her fears. He tells her that he will never let any fear touch her. They happily romance in the pool. Anika feels he is the one who understands her the most. She rethinks about her marriage with Nikhil. She gets in to a dilemma over believing Shivay’s decision or destiny. Tia breaks into their personal moment and upsets them by badmouthing about Anika. Shivay takes a stand for Anika.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Rajshri rebukes Kartik and Naira for not sorting their differences and making such a big blunder, by not consulting her even once before proceeding for the divorce. She asks them how can they part ways. She scolds them for not telling her about the divorce hearing. She asks if they didn’t remember her, if they didn’t need her in their life. She feels sorry that they have thrown her out of their lives and ruined themselves in their ego. She asks them big fools to rush for divorce. She asks Kartik and Naira to see what have they done with their eternal bond of marriage and love.

    Kullfi Kumar Bajewala:

    Kulfi prays that she gets her dad, who is also a big singer living in Mumbai. Sikandar learns this truth and thinks he can help her find her father. She tells him that she is trying to find him today, as he may also come to attend the concert. He tells her that he will always be there for her, he will repent for doing injustice with her. He tells her that they will go to Chirauli and find her father, maybe this way he can repent for his mistakes. Kulfi gets sad on finding him drunk. His heart doesn’t allow him to cheat his art. He requests Amyra not to sing in the concert by using Kulfi’s voice. This shocks Amyra. Kulfi prays that Sikandar sings well and gets big music contracts. Sikandar falls in a big dilemma to choose between Amyra and Kulfi. Lovely gets upset that Sikandar isn’t listening to her.

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