Kullfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely waits for Kulfi’s forever departure

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely lays thorns for Tevar-Kulfi

Kulfi prays that she gets her dad, who is also a big singer living in Mumbai. Sikandar learns this truth and thinks he can help her find her father. She tells him that she is trying to find him today, as he may also come to attend the concert. He tells her that he will always be there for her, he will repent for doing injustice with her. He tells her that they will go to Chirauli and find her father, maybe this way he can repent for his mistakes. Kulfi gets sad on finding him drunk. His heart doesn’t allow him to cheat his art. He requests Amyra not to sing in the concert by using Kulfi’s voice. This shocks Amyra. Kulfi prays that Sikandar sings well and gets big music contracts. Sikandar falls in a big dilemma to choose between Amyra and Kulfi. Lovely gets upset that Sikandar isn’t listening to her.

Kulfi gets happy seeing the performances. She also dreams to sing on the stage. Tevar meets Nihalo to know about Kulfi’s parents. Nihalo lies that Nimrat wasn’t Kulfi’s biological mother.

Tevar believes that Lovely is Kulfi’s mother. Lalwani threatens Sikandar to perform with Amyra, else get his career ruined. Sikandar doesn’t want to give up. He gets emotional for neglecting Amyra’s dreams and emotions. Amyra asks him not to make her cry and spoil her make up. Sikandar promises to make things fine. Amyra doesn’t believe his promises, as he never keeps his promises. She tells him that he just loves Kulfi. He accepts that he loves Kulfi, but he is stopping her for something for her good. Tevar realizes that Kulfi is his daughter. He falls in Lovely’s clever trap. He clears out his doubts about Amyra. Sikandar, Amyra and Kulfi have an emotional moment. Kulfi manages to cheer them up. Sikandar falls helpless when Amyra asks him to prove his love for her. Lovely waits for Tevar to arrive and take away Kulfi from Sikandar.


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