Udaan to raise drama with new entries

Chakor and Anjor

Chakor finds Anjor in danger and promises to save her. She saves Anjor from the goons and tells them that she doesn’t know her relation with Anjor, she will protect her as a mother would do. Chakor and Anjor will be bonding. Anjor will take Chakor back to Aazaadgunj. Gumaan throws a party in the haveli. Imli happily dances in the celebrations. There will be new entries in the show. Gumaan and Imli look forward to welcome their new business partner.

Gumaan’s younger brother will be joining the family. Gumaan welcomes his entire family at the haveli. He is very happy to meet everyone from his village. He gets delighted to meet her sister. None of them know Gumaan’s evil truth. Her sister tells him that she has earned a degree in Law by her hardwork. Gumaan hugs his brother and tells him that he can have everything just a call away. Minister also visits Gumaan and gets happy with his service. He praises Gumaan for all his arrangements. Gumaan fixes his brother’s alliance with the minister’s daughter. He does his best to make the function a hit. Gumaan acts as a noble man. Gumaan’s brother is also negative. He will be seen changing after meeting Chakor.


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