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High Five Spoilers… Krishna Chali London:
Radhe loses his belief on Krishna. He gets depressed that Krishna is still meeting Prashant and lying to him. He calls up Krishna to ask where is she. She lies to him that she is at home, while he sees her at the cafe with Prashant. He feels lost, that Krishna didn’t understand his love. He vents out anger on the people passing on road. He is about to meet with an accident, but gets saved. He doubts that Krishna hides and goes to meet Prashant. Shukla and Prashant join hands and try to create a rift between Radhe and Krishna.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vasu gets insulted by the villagers. After the video goes viral, everyone believes that Vasu is a curse for the village. The people oppose Vasu in the puja. Vijay and Bulbul defend Vasu. The people ask Vijay how can he insult the puja by getting Vasu, wrong is wrong, Vijay and his family can’t compel them. The people say we aren’t at fault, Vasu shouldn’t be present in Janmashtami puja.


Aditya tries to impress Zoya’s mother. He indirectly gives her signs that he really likes Zoya and wants to marry Zoya. He gets helping her in cooking and daily tasks. Zoya gets busy in Eid celebrations. Aditya wants to win Wasim’s heart too. Aditya asks Zoya and her mum not to work hard, since he will manage everything. Zoya’s mother asks him why is he working so hard. He tells her that one who works hard wins, he also wants a nice girl for him, like Wasim got for himself. He tells her that he wants someone having values like her, the girl should be your reflection. Zoya asks Aditya to stop flirting with her mum.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika focusses on her relations with Arya. Badi Amma makes Arya against Vedika. Arya becomes an independent thinking and starts believing Badi Amma, against Vedika. Vedika is sure that her daughter will believe her. Badi Amma meets Vedika and threatens her. Vedika has returned to the city. Badi Amma asks her why did she return when they were living in peace. She says even Arya and Manjula are staying with us in our house. Badi Amma kidnaps Ved and Vedika, to make sure that Sahil never reaches Vedika. Vedika doesn’t know her whereabouts. Badi Amma returns home and tries to frame Vedika in Ved’s kidnapping. Badi Amma hates Vedika to the core. Bhoomi and Arya are worried for Ved. Badi Amma will be separating Sahil and Vedika again. Vedika will rescue herself and Ved, and break Badi Amma’s truth to Sahil.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Virat and Anjali are getting engaged. Tara and Deep have mixed dilemma about it. Aarohi sacrifices her love and emotions. Aarohi realizes she still loves Deep, but doesn’t want to acknowledge it. She thinks of Deep’s cheat and lies. She recollects her love with Deep. Deep helps Anjali in getting decked up. Deep wants Anjali/Aarohi to be away from him, but he is interested in her property. Deep takes Anjali in the party.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni is trying to prove Uttara’s crimes. She fails to make Uttara accept her crime deeds. Falguni just has 10 hours left. Uttara is put up in the lock up. Jayant meets her. She asks him to get her bailed out, she didn’t do any crime, she hasn’t shot anyone. Jayant tells her that he believes her, but her bail can’t be taken at night, she has to stay in the lock up for a night, bail can happen just in the morning. He relieves her and goes. Falguni appears as spirit again and asks Uttara to accept her crimes. She asks how do you feel being here for fake blame, you have done the same with Gayatri, you have sent Gayatri to jail by false blames, you have to accept that you got my uterus removed and also tried to kill Suyash. She compels Uttara.

Meera gives her approval for Sunny’s alliance. Amar wants Meera and Sunny to get married. When Meera agrees for it, Vivaan gets angry. Meera and Sunny are planning to swap the groom so that Meera can marry Vivaan. Meera and Vivaan’s romance will be seen amidst the confusion. Vivaan will understand Meera’s perception. Meera spends romantic time with Vivaan. When Meera leaves, Silky takes her place and shocks Vivaan. He can’t believe that Silky was with him all the while. Silky tries to put up a suicide drama. She tells everyone that Vivaan is denying her love now. Silky plans to trap Vivaan. Meera knows the truth and understands that Silky is lying.


Nandini settles in her new house. Rajdeep reaches her as an electrician. He prepares to attack her. The maid comes there. Rajdeep hides from them and runs away. He doesn’t want to get caught up. He has much revenge motives in his heart. Rajver gets stalking Nandini. He wants to find a chance to reach her and plan something terrible to teach her a lesson. Nandini misses to recognize him. On the other hand, Mauli tries to spark a relation between Kunal and her. She plans a romantic surprise for him.


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