Krishna Chali London: Radhe wants Krishna out of sight

Radhe gets angry

Radhe loses his belief on Krishna. He gets depressed that Krishna is still meeting Prashant and lying to him. He calls up Krishna to ask where is she. She lies to him that she is at home, while he sees her at the cafe with Prashant. He feels lost, that Krishna didn’t understand his love. He vents out anger on the people passing on road. He is about to meet with an accident, but gets saved. He doubts that Krishna hides and goes to meet Prashant. Shukla and Prashant join hands and try to create a rift between Radhe and Krishna. Prashant deliberately presents such situations that Krishna and he appears close to Krishna in front of Radhe. He sees Radhe and turns him jealous. He tries to win Krishna’s attention by acting hurt. Radhe gets shattered.

Radhe gets angry when Krishna clarifies the matter. He doesn’t want to fall in her words. He avoids Krishna and gets busy in work. Everyone finds him angry, while he gets expressive like never before. He doesn’t know why Krishna is getting close to Prashant, when she promised that there is nothing left between Prashant and her. He wants to do Shraddh of his relation with Krishna. She tries to stop him, and clear the misunderstandings. Radhe asks Krishna to leave from his life, he won’t be upset with her, she has a right to decide for her life, she can just go to Dubey’s house and discuss about divorce.


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