Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay and Bulbul protect Vasu

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay and Bulbul's new sorrow

Vasu gets insulted by the villagers. After the video goes viral, everyone believes that Vasu is a curse for the village. The people oppose Vasu in the puja. Vijay and Bulbul defend Vasu. The people ask Vijay how can he insult the puja by getting Vasu, wrong is wrong, Vijay and his family can’t compel them. The people say we aren’t at fault, Vasu shouldn’t be present in Janmashtami puja.

Vijay tells them that every person has a right to perform puja in the temple, anyone who do mistakes can reform and rectify mistakes can be termed as a right person. He asks the people if they are totally fault-free, if their record is clean. Bulbul tells them that everyone commits mistakes in life, we all should help Vasu and protect her. Vijay and Bulbul explain the people, and open their eyes. The people apologize to Vijay and give him the chance to perform the puja first. Vijay and Bulbul support Vasu like always. There will be a new entry. A woman enters the temple and ignites fire. Vijay rushes to find the woman and know her evil motives.

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