Jiji Maa: Uttara to foil Falguni’s huge plans


Falguni is trying to prove Uttara’s crimes. She fails to make Uttara accept her crime deeds. Falguni just has 10 hours left. Uttara is put up in the lock up. Jayant meets her. She asks him to get her bailed out, she didn’t do any crime, she hasn’t shot anyone. Jayant tells her that he believes her, but her bail can’t be taken at night, she has to stay in the lock up for a night, bail can happen just in the morning. He relieves her and goes. Falguni appears as spirit again and asks Uttara to accept her crimes. She asks how do you feel being here for fake blame, you have done the same with Gayatri, you have sent Gayatri to jail by false blames, you have to accept that you got my uterus removed and also tried to kill Suyash. She compels Uttara.

Falguni scares her further. Uttara accepts that she has killed Gayatri. She then changes her words and tells Falguni that she has killed everyone, even the eclipses and floods have occurred because of her.


She gets driven out of control. Uttara goes mad in fear and hits her head on the bars. She asks Falguni’s spirit to kill her. She doesn’t accept anything. She shouts and hurts herself. She ultimately faints down. Suyash and Jayant hide and see the entire happening. Falguni fails even in her last attempt. Though she has provoked Uttara to accept the crimes, Uttara changes the game completely. Suyash and Jayant start believing Uttara that she is true and confessing everything just by the spirit’s fear.


  1. It looks like Falguni is the smartest, and this drama is turning in to stupidity now. Finish it off now, you don’t have a story.


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