Udaan: Chakor to get Gumaan Singh arrested

Chakor and Anjor

Anjor tells Chakor about the goon who has got her kidnapped by lying about school admission. She tells Chakor about Gumaan’s promise. Chakor gets a huge shock knowing about Gumaan’s crime. She wants to oppose him. Anjor and Chakor report to police about Gumaan Singh, and reach the haveli with police to get Gumaan arrested. It gets a special moment for Chakor to step inside the haveli after such a long time. She never expected her path to take her back to Aazaadgunj. During the celebrations in the haveli, Gumaan makes Imli perform. Imli gets her aggression in the dance and performs crazily. Gumaan gets happy seeing her madness. Anjor comes up with police and tells Gumaan that she wants him to get punished.

Gumaan doesn’t accept any blame. He asks the inspector if they will take any minor’s accusation seriously and arrest her. His new relative, a minister, also takes Gumaan’s side and tries to defend him. Inspector tells Gumaan that he has a witness, who isn’t a minor, her statement is valid to arrest him. Anjor meets Imli, and holds a good opinion about her.

Gumaan’s sister stops the inspector and tells him that she is Gumaan’s sister and lawyer too, he has to get a witness first if he wants to prove Gumaan’s crime. Gumaan acts like a decent and respectable man. He tells the guests that he can see the girl trying to spoil his image this way. Inspector gets compelled to call Chakor in front of them. Imli gets happy that Anjor is happy and is punishing Gumaan. She then gets a shock when Anjor gets Chakor inside the haveli.

Chakor’s entry comes as a shocker for everyone present in the haveli, as they never expected Chakor to return and that too with her own daughter. Saanvi becomes a way for taking Chakor back home. Suraj will also be coming back to Aazaadgunj. Chakor gets arrested, while his family gets a shock. Imli hugs Anjor and Chakor. Imli expresses her happiness to have Chakor back. Imli fakes her good side again. Anjor proves her word with the help of Chakor, and makes evil bite the dust.

Chakor is back in the haveli after seven long years. She gets emotional seeing Suraj’s photo placed on the table. She cries thinking of her journey with Suraj in the haveli. Imli gets happy that Chakor isn’t aware of her relation with Anjor, and is still weeping over his relation.

Suraj’s photo falls down, but Anjor holds it and gives it to Chakor. Chakor has been crying since seven years. Imli thanks Chakor for coming back, while Sushma taunts Chakor for returning with revenge and getting Gumaan arrested. She asks why did you come back now after snatching Saanvi from us. She calls Chakor bad-hearted and disapproves her coming. Tejaswini says Chakor always does wrong with us, Suraj got away from me because of Chakor, her bad habit has snatched everything from us. Anjor learns that Chakor has a relation with haveli people. Chakor’s grah pravesh happens in a dramatic way, since her bleeding feet leaves her footprints in the haveli once again. Tejaswini and Sushma doesn’t get happy with Chakor’s coming. They both believe Gumaan, rather than Chakor and doesn’t want Gumaan to get arrested. Tejaswini asks Chakor to make a leave from the haveli.

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