Yeh Rishta: KaiRa to take a step to fuse harmony in families

Yeh Rishta: KaiRa to take a step to fuse harmony in families

Naira thinks its not in her hands to forget Kartik so easily. She also wants to move on by her heart and please her family. Dadi gets stressed about Kaira and their divorce. She suddenly feels dizzy. Kartik runs to her aid. Dadi tells him that all her problems are because of her. Kartik apologizes to her and asks her to come with him to the hospital. Naira goes to the hospital to get a medical advice. Naitik gets panicking and wants Naksh to go after her. Kirti and Naksh explain him that Naira is strong and she won’t do anything wrong to hurt them. Naksh asks Naitik not to fall weak. Naira gets happy when the doctor tells her that she can even dance after the small surgery. She gets too happy and thinks of informing Kartik that she can dance again. Doctor asks Naira if Kartik is her husband.

Naira gets sad realizing that Kartik is no more her husband. Mansi and Anmol get sad that Kartik and Naira have got divorced. They think they have failed to unite Kartik and Naira. They weep on their divorce. Mohit asks them not to be sad for KaiRa, and try to understand their situation. He suggests them not to have misunderstandings between them, since relations are strong and delicate as well. Naira didn’t expect Kartik to meet her at the hospital, but destiny brings them together. She asks him why did he visit the hospital. She gets concerned for him. He tells her that Dadi is unwell. She worries for Dadi as well. He asks her about her injury. She wants to tell him about the doctor’s word. Dadi interrupts them, and the matter stays incomplete. Dadi doubts that Naira is close.

Kirti asks Lav and Kush to visit her if they want. Suwarna tells Kirti that divorce between Kartik and Naira was the right thing, as Kartik is happy with it now. Kirti tells her that Kartik isn’t happy, she should just celebrate her victory, but forget his happiness. She asks Suwarna now to test Kartik’s patience and limits. She takes Suwarna’s class for being a selfish mother. She is sure that Kartik can’t live without Naira. Kartik and Naira play hide and seek like lovers. Dadi tells Kartik that she is fine, doctor advised her to rest, there isn’t anything to worry.

Dadi tries to look around if Naira is hiding. Naira doesn’t want Dadi’s stress to get high on seeing her. Kartik feels strange because of Naira. Rukmani suggests Singhanias and Goenkas that they should celebrate Raksha bandhan in a grand way. Kartik and Naira start missing each other badly. Kartik wishes Naira was with him. Singhanias disapprove the celebrations. Rukmani tells them that they can’t stay back because of Naira’s divorce. Devyaani doesn’t want to think for Mansi and Kirti.

She worries for Naira more. Naitik asks Rukmani not to be upset and go ahead with her ideas for Mansi’s sake. Naira finds the family arguing because of her. Naira asks them to celebrate Raksha bandhan, Mansi and Kirti’s connection with their Maayka shouldn’t suffer. She tries to bring harmony in the family. Even Kartik has the same opinion and wants the families to maintain good terms. Kartik and Naira will come together once again for the sake of their families.

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