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High Five Spoilers… Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika gets jailed once again. Sahil meets Sadika, and isn’t aware of the truth. Sahil gets Ved back. Vedika loses in the battle with Badi Amma. She doesn’t get any support from Sahil. Vedika always has problems in her life. Sahil wants Vedika to get punished for Ved’s kidnapping.

Chakor loses to Gumaan once again. Imli wants to teach a lesson to Gumaan, and supports Chakor. They speak to the inspector to get Gumaan punished. Gumaan gets freed by using his powerful contacts. Anjor changes her statement against Gumaan. Chakor asks Anjor why is she saying wrong. Anjor tells her that she is saying the truth. Chakor wanted to support Anjor. She gets a shock knowing Anjor is changing her statement when she claimed to be fearless. Gumaan gets free when all the charges on him drop. Chakor tries to talk to Anjor. Anjor leaves for her house and doesn’t tell anything to Chakor.


Shivay and Anika are coming close. Omkara and Gauri shut them in a room so that Shivay breaks his silence. Shivay gets a bad dream about his parents. He gets scared and weeps. Anika and Shivay have a moment. Anika sings lullaby for Shivay and puts him to sleep. Shivay rests in her lap. She wants to relieve his tensions. She sleeps by his side. When he wakes up, he acts alienated towards Anika again. Shivay’s behavior gets troubling her. She stops him and asks him not to avoid her, since that would mean he is ignoring his own feelings. Anika learns that Shivay’s life is in danger. She runs after Shivay to stop him from going to office. She wants to inform him about the threatening call. Shivay leaves in a rush. She wants to save Shivay at any cost.


At Nandini’s house warming ceremony, she throws a dinner feast for everyone. Everyone sings, dances, parties and celebrates Nandini’s bright future. Dida suggests them to play truth or dare game. She praises Nandini’s bravery for deciding to live alone and independent. She likes Nandini’s decision to make her own life. Dida tells her love story to them. She gives a dare to Mauli and asks her to kiss the one whom she loves the most. Mauli kisses Kunal and expresses happiness to have him as her husband. Nandini also gets a dare by Dida, which shocks everyone.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna confronts Radhe for his arrogance. Radhe scolds her for being with Prashant and cheating him. They both get into an argument in the middle of the road. Prashant gets happy that Shukla’s idea is working. Krishna feels insulted by Radhe’s bad blames. She wonders what would be Radhe thinking about her, when he claims to truly love her. Radhe tells her that he always supported her and thought his dad is wrong, but now he can see clearly what she is upto. He suspects Krishna for the IT raid conducted at Shukla Nivaas. He asks her if she has joined hands with Prashant to take revenge on Shukla this way. He is much hurt as Shukla got beaten up by the officials.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara plans to visit her dad’s house and stay there for a week. Kabeer helps Zara in the packing. He tells Zara that she will need many things there, she should pack everything carefully, else she would call him for petty things. They have cute moments. He tells her that he will make sure that he proves her innocent till she returns. She asks him to keep him updated, so that she doesn’t miss any action. Zara tells him that she trusts him and knows that he will clean her image. Kabeer and Zara cutely argue. He showers flowers on Zara. Elena doesn’t want Zara to go as she believes Zara is her mentor.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara accepts all her crimes. She gets angry knowing about Falguni’s drama. She goes to stab Suyash and kill her in a fit of rage. Suyash and Jayant stop her. They can’t tolerate Uttara’s true evil face and crimes. Uttara gets panicking when she sees her big defeat. She asks Vidhaan not to believe Falguni. She tries to get him on her side. She then tells him that she has done everything for his sake. He tells her that he doesn’t want anything, not even any business or property, that separates him from his family. She tells him that she has made Rawat textiles, she can’t let Suyash take away everything. She tells Jayant that his dad has done much injustice with them, she wasn’t left with any option, she wanted to get Suyash married to a girl who won’t bear his child.

Kaleerein: Meera’s bond with Sunny makes Vivaan jealous. Vivaan then learns that Sunny is helping Meera, he is not going to marry Meera. Vivaan happily hugs Sunny and gets a big relief. Meera tells Vivaan that she just loves him. Vivaan is happy that Meera and Sunny are faking friendship and alliance so that Meera can unite with Vivaan. Meera will sort Silky’s problem. Vivaan and Silky’s marriage gets fixed because of Silky’s drama.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Anjali and Virat’s engagement gets a twist. Nisha reaches there and proves that Virat is her lover. Virat denies the blams. Nisha presents the photos and tells Anjali that Virat is cheating her. Deep gets angry on Virat and beats him up. They doesn’t understand what’s happening. Virat gets curious to know the person behind this conspiracy to ruin his engagement. Aarohi plays a new plan in her engagement function. Deep is sure that Aarohi can never know the real truth. A new mystery will be unveiling.


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