Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara’s temporary separation

Ishq SubhanAllah Elena marriage twist next

Zara plans to visit her dad’s house and stay there for a week. Kabeer helps Zara in the packing. He tells Zara that she will need many things there, she should pack everything carefully, else she would call him for petty things. They have cute moments. He tells her that he will make sure that he proves her innocent till she returns. She asks him to keep him updated, so that she doesn’t miss any action. Zara tells him that she trusts him and knows that he will clean her image. Kabeer and Zara cutely argue. He showers flowers on Zara. Elena doesn’t want Zara to go as she believes Zara is her mentor.

Kabeer is sending Zara temporarily, so that he doesn’t upset his dad. Zara explains Kabeer that Elena loves her a lot. She asks Kabeer not to scold Elena. Elena doesn’t understand Kabeer’s decision and fights with him. Zara knows their strong bond and doesn’t want any family fights because of her. Kabeer tells them that he doesn’t want any of his family member to suffer because of him, and even Zara is his family. He feels bad to hurt Elena’s heart. Zara supports Kabeer’s decision. Kabeer is sure that Zara is innocent, and will support her. He is sure that Zara loves him and expresses belief in her. He finds a solution to keep Zara and his family happy.

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