Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan’s troubling alliances

Kaleerein: Sunny to toughen Meera's struggles

In Kaleerein, Meera’s bond with Sunny makes Vivaan jealous. Vivaan then learns that Sunny is helping Meera, he is not going to marry Meera. Vivaan happily hugs Sunny and gets a big relief. Meera tells Vivaan that she just loves him. Vivaan is happy that Meera and Sunny are faking friendship and alliance so that Meera can unite with Vivaan. Meera will sort Silky’s problem. Vivaan and Silky’s marriage gets fixed because of Silky’s drama.

Meera and Sunny’s alliance also gets fixed. Amar calls a pandit to fix engagement date for Meera and Sunny. Vivaan gets to see this and yells at Meera. Amar gets upset with Vivaan and asks him not to interfere in Meera’s life. Sunny handles the matter.


Meera tries to calm down Amar. Vivaan and Amar get into a heated argument. Vivaan doesn’t want Amar to ruin Meera’s life. Silky hurts herself and puts the blame on Meera. Meera gets trapped in her own game. Vivaan is stuck with Silky because of her bad accusations. Vivaan is compelled to marry Silky, who acts innocent in front of the matter. Silky knows Meera’s limits and wants to use their goodness in her favor. Despite all the problems, Meera and Vivaan will be seen together. There will be big twists in the pre-marriage functions of both the couples.


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