Ishqbaaz: A murder mystery to bring big twists

Ishqbaaz: A murder mystery to bring big twists

This will be first shocking thing in the cool Redux version of Ishqbaaz. Daksh and Tia vow to shatter Shivay and Anika’s lives. They learn about Shivika’s celebrations and plot a new entry in Shivay’s life, so that the woman can succeed to woo Shivay and separate him from Anika. Shockingly, the woman gets murdered. A new twist comes in Shivay and Anika’s lives. Shivay gets trapped in a murder case. He gets a huge shock when he wakes up in the morning and sees his hands blood stained. He tries to recollect what happened the last night. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees a woman stabbed, lying on the bed. The murder mystery will be intensified.

Shivay identifies her and realizes that he has met her in the party last night. He wonders what he is doing with her in the hotel room, and who has killed the woman Nancy. Shivay gets frightened seeing the corpse.

Anika and Oberoi family also receive a big shock on knowing about the murder. Anika will be solving the murder mystery and bring out the truth. She knows Shivay can never murder Nancy. She is sure that Daksh and Tia are framing Shivay in this blame. She tells Shivay that his entire family is with him, he doesn’t need to be afraid, since they all believe in him. Anika will be turning into a spy again and unfold the entire mystery. She will be saving Shivay from the murder allegations. Anika will prove out to be Shivay’s Biwi No. 1 by proving his innocent.

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