Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar and Sikandar’s clash-claim for Kulfi next

Tevar and Sikandar's clash-claim for Kulfi next

Tevar claims that Kulfi is his daughter. This brings a big shock for Sikandar. Sikandar gets too engrossed in sorrow, that he forgets about Amyra. Amyra gets angry on Sikandar. She tells him that he didn’t think to find her and just went ahead to perform with Kulfi. She tells him that she was locked inside the green room and shouted for help, but nobody came to her rescue. She asks Sikandar and Lovely why didn’t they care for her, she was left outside the house for whole night because of Kulfi. Tevar has locked up Amyra in the green room to limit her from stealing Kulfi’s talents. Lovely’s lie about Kulfi brings more trouble for Amyra. Sikandar tells Amyra that he was worried for Kulfi after Tevar’s claim.

Amyra asks him why is it always after Kulfi. She asks him to keep Kulfi and let her leave the house. She gets much upset and asks Kulfi to keep her family and house, she will leave the house and not forgive anyone. Kulfi apologizes to Amyra and asks her not to go anywhere.

Tevar tries to prove that he is her dad. He tells Kulfi that if she doesn’t believe him, he will take her to Chirauli and make Nihalo admit the truth. Kulfi refuses to go with Tevar. Kulfi hugs Sikandar and tells him that he shouldn’t send her with Tevar. Kulfi finally gets Nimrat’s potli, but doesn’t get anything that brings out the truth about her father. She hugs the potli and recollects Nimrat. She tells Sikandar that Nimrat has told her that the potli has something that has the secret truth about her father, it has a diary too. Sikandar searches for the diary and doesn’t get it.

Everyone in the family knows Sikandar and Kulfi’s truth. Mohendar and Bebe know that Kulfi is Sikandar and Nimrat’s daughter. They worry with Tevar’s big claim and wonder who is misled him about Kulfi. Mohendar gets helpless because of Lovely’s threatening. He doesn’t want Kulfi to leave from their house, since that will be big injustice with Kulfi and Sikandar as well.

Sikandar tells Kulfi that he will keep her wishes first, but if she is really Tevar’s daughter, he won’t have any right to keep her with him. Tevar and Sikandar want Kulfi. Tevar doesn’t want to lose easily. He gets emotional that Kulfi is his child, who has faced many struggles in life because of him. He asks Sikandar to focus on Amyra for the good. Lovely sheds tears and regrets to mislead Tevar about Kulfi, since it has complicated things further.


  1. Kulfi should know nimrats and sikanders truth so plz plz plz shiw this episode of one hour special plzplz

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