Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Bebe to blurt out Kulfi and Sikandar’s blood ties

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi shares a secret with Sikandar

Lovely proves to Tevar that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar will be learning a big truth. He gets Nimrat’s potli and doesn’t find anything identifiable. Lovely changes the entire truth in front of Sikandar. Sikandar holds on to his courage and weeps seeing the belongings of Nimrat. Kulfi begs him to tell him what’s inside the potli, did he find her father. He tells her that he didn’t find any truth, they have to believe Tevar. He says Tevar is really your dad. Kulfi tells him that she will believe this if he is saying it. Mohendar and Bebe get worried and stop Sikandar from sending Kulfi with Tevar. Mohendar says this can’t happen, did you read this in diary. Mohendar asks him to check the diary of Kulfi’s mother. He gets panicking since he knows Kulfi is Sikandar and Nimrat’s daughter.

Sikandar shows Tevar’s picture in locket and different diary to Mohendar. Lovely plants the fake evidences to get rid of Kulfi. Bebe refuses to send Kulfi and shouts on Tevar, who demands them to give up their rights on Kulfi.

Tevar asks them why are they rebelling so much as if Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter, and belongs to their family. Bebe tells him that this is the very truth. Bebe blurts out that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. Lovely tells them that Bebe means Kulfi is very close to Sikandar, like his own daughter. Before Bebe could explain Sikandar and Kulfi, Lovely makes her quiet. She takes away Bebe with her. Bebe tells Lovely that Nimrat’s righteous soul will not forgive her, she is Kulfi’s culprit. She agrees to support Lovely only for Amyra’s sake. She repents for her misdeeds. She knows Kulfi can never be happy with Amyra and Lovely. She feels Tevar would keep Kulfi more happy than Sikandar. Lovely promises to bring peace in the family after Kulfi’s departure. Will Sikandar find Kulfi’s complete truth? Keep reading.

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