Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer hatches a plan to prove Zara’s innocence

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer hatches a plan to prove Zara’s innocence… Zara gets arrested for Nilofer’s murder case. She is put in the lockup. Kabeer reaches Zara at the police station and gets her bailed out. He takes Zara home. Zara tells him that he should support his dad, not her. She requests him to divorce her. They get emotionally broken down. They love each other a lot and want to sacrifice their love for the sake of family’s happiness. Zara gets a beautiful surprise from Kabeer. She tells him that there are no limits in love, but she fears that they will get separated. She asks him to hug her once. She fears that situation will change for them completely. He feels sorry that things turned worse when he truly fell in love with Zara.

Kabeer makes a plan to save Zara. He meets his friends. They together make a plan to prove Zara innocent. Imran tells Kabeer that they will clean Zara’s image in the society. Kabeer says Zara isn’t Nilofer’s murderer, there is someone framing her so that our family gets defamed. He explains his plan to his friends. He wants to try his best to save his lady love.

Kabeer says we just have seven days to prove Zara’s innocence, inspector has evidences against Zara, inspector stated that Nilofer by poisoned by Zara and the poison bottle had Zara’s finger prints and even the ward boy has seen Zara going to Nilofer’s ward, if we catch that ward boy some how, we can get the truth out of him and reach the master mind of this game. He tells them that the ward boy has done this on someone’s saying, and he has planted the fake evidences to frame Zara. He tells Imran that Zara too tried to catch the ward boy before, but failed, this time they have to lay a greed plan to nab the ward boy.


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