Ishqbaaz: Shivay risks all to save Anika’s life

Ishqbaaz: Shivay risks all to save Anika's life

Ishqbaaz: Shivay risks all to save Anika’s life… Shivay and Bhavya try to track Anika, while Anika’s phone connection breaks. Bhavya tells him that she isn’t able to track the exact location. Daksh catches Anika and starts torturing him. Anika tries to communicate to Shivay. Daksh tells her that nobody can save her this time. Shivay asks Bhavya to inform him with the best results. He asks her to start the search operation. Anika battles with Daksh. Daksh tries to trouble her further. Shivay makes prayers and gets a sign about Anika’s presence. Anika’s dupatta flies to Shivay. Shivay realizes he is close to Anika. Daksh tells Anika that he will kill her any how, she is destined to die by his hands. He wants to exact his revenge some how. Shivay gets hint about the exact location and reaches there to save Anika.

Daksh realizes Shivay has reached to save his love. He strikes a deal with Shivay for Anika’s life. He makes Anika unconscious by a hit. He threatens to stab Anika to death. Shivay falls helpless. Daksh tells Shivay that Anika’s life is in his hands. Shivay tells him that he can give his life for Anika’s sake. Daksh gets happy to see his true love and asks Shivay to prove his love for Anika by giving up his life. They have a fight.

Daksh asks Shivay to jump down from the building if he wants to save Anika. Shivay obliges Daksh. He feels death is close and regrets to keep his feeling unspoken towards Anika. He wishes he could get a last chance to express his feelings to Anika. He recollects his family for the last time and jumps down the building. Shivay proves his love for Anika. Daksh gets a pleasant shock by his move. Shivay gets help by the passing procession and gets a safe landing down. Daksh likes the drama getting high.

He thinks to use Shivay’s crazy love for Anika. He decides to kill Anika. Shivay realizes he got saved and thanks the people. He takes the blessings from Dargah people to save his love. Daksh rushes Anika away from Shivay to burn her alive. Daksh sets the place on fire and enjoys the sight. Shivay and Daksh get into a major fight, while Anika’s life slips towards danger. Shivay knocks down Daksh for a while and rushes to save Anika from fire mess. Shivay succeeds to save Anika’s life. He doesn’t spare Daksh. Daksh gets arrested when Bhavya reaches him on time. Shivay worries for Anika’s timely recovery.

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