Jiji Maa: Uttara’s sudden death to shock Rawats

High Point Drama in Jiji Maa and Muskaan

Jiji Maa: Uttara’s sudden death to shock Rawats… Uttara has begun the death game to kill Falguni. She gets caught by the family members. Niyati protects Falguni. Uttara escapes from the police and family. She reaches the end of the cliff. She is left with no option than to surrender. She snatches the gun from the police inspector and points out at Falguni. Vidhaan saves Falguni from Uttara’s clutches. He asks Uttara to kill him, since he is ashamed to be called her son. He tells her that he would like to die better than being called a son of a criminal. She gets a huge shock by Vidhaan’s hatred. She steps back and doesn’t realize the end of the cliff. She accepts her defeat to Falguni. She falls down and loses her life. Everyone bears the shock.

Jayant shouts to Uttara. He can’t witness such a shocking moment. Vidhaan feels sorry to break Uttara’s heart and provoke her for suicide. Falguni, Suyash and others ask police to find Uttara’s dead body. They don’t find her dead body.


Inspector tells them that the search team couldn’t find Uttara’s dead body and villagers believe that some wild animal has taken away her body. Jayant regrets for Uttara’s crimes. He is broken down within. He tells Suyash that Uttara was so selfish, she has done wrong with her own sister, she punished Gayatri, she shouldn’t be given any respect even if she is dead now. He didn’t know Uttara had so much hatred for Suyash in her heart. He cries for injustice done with Gayatri. He asks the family not to do any rituals for Uttara’s soul peace, as she doesn’t deserve it. Falguni explains Jayant that crimes end with a person’s death, they should forgive Uttara and try to forget the bad past now. Uttara will be soon returning with a new look and identity to settle scores with Falguni.


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