Kaleerein: Sunny’s evil to challenge Meera-Vivaan

Kaleerein: Vivaan-Meera succeed to defeat psychotic Sunny

Kaleerein: Sunny’s evil to challenge Meera-Vivaan… Vivaan and Meera have an argument with the family. Silky creates a drama and gets Meera questioned by Amar. Silky tells them that Meera was romancing with Vivaan secretly. She can’t take it anymore. She asks Amar to control his daughter. She knows Amar will help her in separating Vivaan and Meera. Amar asks Meera if Silky is saying truth. He gets upset that Meera is still cheating them. Meera admits that she loves Vivaan. Amar prepones the marriage. He tells Meera that Sunny will marry her the next day. He leaves Vivaan’s marriage decision on Vivaan and Silky to decide.

Amar just wants Meera to move on in her life with Sunny. Nobody knows Sunny’s truth. Sunny is against Vivaan. He was pretending to be a well-wisher for Vivaan and Meera. Sunny will pose new challenges for them. Meera won’t be marrying Sunny, as promised to Vivaan. Sunny’s positive drama will end. It will be shocking for entire family. Vivaan and Meera will be fighting with Sunny, while Silky joins hands with Sunny against the lovers. How will Vivaan and Meera face the new problems? Keep reading.

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