Yeh Rishta: KaiRa’s proximity; Suwarna’s stubborn demand

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Fire breakout twist to raise the drama

Yeh Rishta: KaiRa’s proximity; Suwarna’s stubborn demand… Manish feels Suwarna has done wrong with Naira. He worries for Suwarna’s anxiety attack. He doesn’t want Suwarna to blame Naira all the time. Goenkas decide to change their paths than Singhanias. They want to forget about Kartik and Naira’s relations, so that they don’t get hurt further. Kartik and Naira yearn to meet each other. Naira waits for him at the park, while he keeps an eye on her house to catch a glimpse about her. Suwarna gets conscious and summons Kartik so that she can tell him about Ashi’s alliance. Manish asks Suwarna not to intervene between Kartik and Naira. He disapproves Kartik and Ashi’s alliance.

She tells him that she needs to clarify her point to Kartik and she won’t get at ease till she does this. Kartik and Naira yearn for each other. They recollect their old moments. Naitik and Naksh sympathize with Naira and wonders what she wants in her life.

They want to give a direction to Naira’s life. Rukmani plans another Shagun Rasam and convinces Singhanias to talk to Goenkas. Dadi tells Surekha that they won’t be meeting Singhanias now, since everyone may get hurt. They wish the drama ends for one. Kartik realizes the tensions in the family. He worries for Suwarna’s state, but doesn’t feel like talking to her. Naitik tells Naksh that Naira will always cover up her pain, she will always keep a smile on her face for others’ sake. Naksh tells Naitik that he will always support Naira. Suwarna gets disheartened that Kartik didn’t talk to her. She wants him to move on in life. Naira and Kartik miss each other and recollect their good memories, which got suppressed in their minds by their anger and annoyance. They wonder why are the good memories knocking the doors of their hearts right now when everything ended between them.

Naira hides her tears from the family. Naksh wants Naira to participate in the Shagun function. Naitik gets happy to see Naksh taking care of Naira. Naksh doesn’t want sorrow to touch Naira’s life. Naira feels out of place in the Shagun function. She wonders what she will do in the function, when she isn’t married now. Naitik and Naksh encourage her to wear the bangles and stay happy. Singhanias try hard to ensure Naira’s happiness. She feels protected, but continues to miss Kartik. Naira gets an electric shock, and gets Kartik as her savior once again. Kartik and Naira fulfill the Jhulan rasam unknowingly. Kartik gets Shagun for Mansi. Naksh finds Naira getting affected by Kartik’s presence and asks him to stay away from Naira, since they are divorced now. Suwarna comes up with a stubborn demand of Kartik and Ashi’s remarriage. She gets blackmailing Kartik emotionally in order to convince him for marrying Ashi. Will Kartik give his nod? Keep reading.


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