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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

High Five Spoilers… Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara gets arrested for murdering the ward boy. She tells inspector that she didn’t kill anyone. She asks her dad to stop her arrest. Her dad tells her that he trusts her, but he is helpless, he can’t do anything. Zara tells them that she is innocent. She falls in trouble. She gets accused for two murders. Zara wishes Kabeer gets the evidence of her innocence. She tells inspector that someone else has killed the ward boy before she reached him. Kabeer is sure to find the truth. Zara’s death rumor spreads. Zara’s parents get the shocking news that Zara is no more. They break down with her loss. Zara’s mum asks them why did this happen with Zara. Zara’s dad asks her to have patience, Lord will not let anything wrong happen. She says I can’t have patience now, I want my Zara back. They cry for Zara’s death. Zara will come back and prove herself innocent.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi wants to know the real identity of the mysterious man Malik. She is following Malik’s commands. She is taken to the target. She is asked to kill her parents. She didn’t know that her parents are alive. She weeps seeing her parents and tries to save them. She constantly gets threatened by Malik. She tells him that she can’t kill her parents. Deep gets suspicious about Anjali’s identity. He looks for Aarohi at home. Aarohi succeeds to save her parents. She makes them run away from Malik’s clutches. She doesn’t get any evidence about Malik. The mystery intensifies.


Shamsher melts his heart for the sake of Roop’s happiness. He tells Roop that he will support his dreams now. He asks Roop to go ahead and pursue hotel management. Roop gets happy with Shamsher’s decision. Roop cuts onions and sheds tears. He brings out his sorrow. Kinjal asks Roop why is he sad. Kamla knows that Roop is upset and is cutting onions to cover up his real tears. She asks him why is he upset now when Shamsher gave him permission to pursue his dreams. Roop tells her that he is very happy and thanks her for support. She tells him that she is his mum and knows his inner dilemmas. She knows he is upset for Shamsher’s dream shattering. Roop tells her that he is sad as Shamsher isn’t happy, everything isn’t easy, he has hurt Shamsher’s heart.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay and Bulbul take Misri for the medical tests. They get joyful seeing their little baby in the sonography video. The family gets happy seeing the video and congratulates Vijay and Bulbul. Mandira stays with them as Misri. She swaps Misri in time and reaches Vijay’s house. She badly eyes Vijay and Bulbul’s happiness. The family isn’t aware of Mandira’s presence. Bulbul thanks Misri for giving her happiness and hugs her. Mandira has come to snatch their happiness.

Aarti gets troubled when the brothel owner compels her to go out with a random man. Aarti doesn’t want to put her dignity at stake. She pays the price for meeting her daughter Muskaan. Aarti tells Shweta that she is scared that Muskaan will know about her. She worries about Muskaan’s new opinion formed about her. She feels bad that Muskaan was already bothered with the fact that her mother is a dancer. She feels sorrowful that Muskaan is facing so much at such a young age. Aarti learns that Muskaan is sold by Tabassum. She turns into a helpless mother. Aarti prays for Muskaan’s happiness. Muskaan spots Aarti with some man and gets mistaken that he is her dad. She tries to get her answers from Suzaine and Jaya. Muskaan wants to find her father, who may save Aarti and her from the troubles.

Mariam Khan:
Mahira and Rihaan secretly meet. Rifat waits for an opportunity to catch them red-handed. She follows Mahira and gets to see her with Rihaan. Rifat finds them romancing and confessing love to each other. Rifat gets angered knowing Mahira is cheating innocent Zain, who blindly believes Mahira. Mahira tells Rihaan that she has no feelings for Zain, and she just loves Rihaan. Rihaan gets happy that he didn’t lose Mahira. They have a moment, while Rifat aims to ruin their love story by exposing Mahira’s truth to her family.


Bandhuagiri begins again in Aazaadgunj. Chakor gets disheartened seeing the Bandhuagiri stamp on Anjor’s wrist. She tells Kasturi that she will take a step against injustice and always protect children. She says those times are gone now, when little children were made bandhuas. She wants to erase the bandhua stamp from Anjor’s wrist too. She cries feeling Anjor’s pain.


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