TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

TGI Friday’s Spoilers… Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika comes home to get her legal rights. Sahil stops her from entering the house. She doesn’t want anyone to come in her way. Badi Amma gets a shock regarding Vedika’s stand. Vedika tells them that she belongs to Agarwal family and has a right on the property. Sahil tells her that when she didn’t care for the family ever, she doesn’t have any rights on the property. Sahil and Vedika get into an argument. Vedika has come to live with Agarwals just for the sake of Ved. She has learnt that Ved is her son. She wants to expose Badi Amma’s crime. Vedika’s wrong approach upsets Sahil. Sahil gets disappointed that Vedika has never cared for the people who care for her. Sahil has started his new life with Bhoomi. Vedika is scared for Arya’s life, since Badi Amma has threatened her about Arya. Vedika makes a plan to save Arya’s life. Badi Amma doesn’t want Vedika to come back in Sahil’s life.

Jiji Maa:
There is a new drama in Rawat house. The client cancels the contract with Rawat company and returns the order. Suyash and Falguni get worried with the sudden turn of events. Suyash tells Vidhaan that they lost the contract to someone else. Rawat family still faces a low time after Uttara’s death. Vidhaan gets angry seeing Uttara’s chair again. He commands the servant to throw everything that belongs to Uttara. Suyash consoles him. Manager Mishra informs them about the fire incident and the workers’ injuries. Suyash learns that the fire incident news has spread in the business circle, and bringing loss for them. He tells Jayant that he just wants to ensure workers’ safety.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:
Rajmata and Vishesh completely support Kanchan, when they learn that Saurabh is Kanchan’s culprit. Trishna also learns the truth about her husband’s dirty deed. She apologizes to Rajmata and Kanchan. She assures that Ananya’s future won’t be in trouble because of Saurabh’s crime. Kanchan exposes Saurabh in front of the family, when he shamelessly approaches her again. Kanchan then publicky punishes Saurabh and gets justice. Vishesh and Kanchan finally end Saurabh’s chapter. Vishesh proves out to be an ideal partner. They have a happy union.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan learns that Pankti has gone missing. When Rangoli instigates him against Pankti, who hasn’t come to meet him in jail, he undersands that Pankti is in some problem. Rangoli fails to shake their belief in each other. Pankti stays captive by Rangoli, while Ahaan escapes from the jail to find his love. He wants to rescue Pankti and also prove his innocence. He gets brainwashed by Rangoli. But, he recollects Pankti’s words about Rangoli’s psychotic nature. Ahaan wants to unite with Pankti and tackle Rangoli. Richa feels Pankti is the root for all the family problems, but Ahaan’s family disagrees with her.

Savitri Devi:
Naintara gets released from the locked room, even when Anand tries hard to lock up the dangerous room. Veer and Sanchi oppose Anand, as they don’t believe in any supernatural things. Naintara finds Anand rebelling a lot and plans an attack on him. Anand becomes her next target. Naintara pushes him down the stairs to make him out of her way. She creates a havoc in the hospital. Anand falls prey to Naintara, which shocks Veer and Sanchi.

Roop gets worried when he finds the gate locked. He wonders where did everyone go. His family falls in trouble. He learns from neighbor that Kamla isn’t well. He rushes to find them so that he can help them.

Silsila: Kunal expresses his wish to have Kheer prepared by Nandini. They get saved from Mauli’s sight, when Mauli surprises Nandini. Mauli has no idea about Kunal and Nandini’s love. She misses the signs she gets about her shattering relation. Nandini finds it hard to cover up Kunal’s presence at home. Mauli offers help to Nandini. Kunal also fears that Mauli will learn about their affair. Nandini feels sad that Kunal makes a leave from her home because of Mauli’s coming. Nandini serves kheer to Mauli, which she had made for Kunal. Mauli asks Nandini how did she prepare Kheer when she didn’t know of her coming. She gets Nandini’s letter and asks why was she leaving them and going away.


Imli stays with Chakor and Kasturi for a while. She lets Anjor inside the house and asks her to steal the spy pen from Chakor. Anjor knows the spy pen has evidence against Gumaan. Anjor attempts to steal the pen, but gets caught by Chakor. Chakor finds her checking the cupboard secretly. Imli doesn’t let Anjor say anything when Chakor questions Anjor. Imli scolds Anjor for the theft. Anjor is unable to tell anything about Imli to Chakor. She doesn’t want to lie to Chakor and hurt her heart. She gets compelled by Imli and cooks up a story.

Dil Hi Toh Hai: Reva insults Palak in the party. Palak angrily slaps Reva to shut her up. Reva feels Palak is trapping Rithvik in love only for money. There is a big drama in Setu’s marriage function. Palak loses her temper and takes a stand for her self-esteem. Reva scolds Palak and her parents. She reveals about Rithvik and Palak’s contract marriage. She calls Palak a gold-digger. Palak can’t take any humiliation. She tells Reva that she won’t hear any word against her family, she will tear the agreement, she doesn’t want any marriage.

Yeh Rishta:Janmashtami Celebrations will be bringing Kartik and Naira closer again. Rajshri’s lecture doesn’t give any sense to Suwarna. The family worries when Suwarna gets an anxiety attack. Kartik and Naira’s misunderstandings side away. Their anger and ego issues also get resolved. They fall in love again. There will be sweet moments of hide and seek between Kartik and Naira. They relive their love and romance, post their divorce. They get the ultimate happiness by their presence. They don’t care about the problems between their families. They are the root cause of the problems and bad terms. Still, they forget the differences between families and stay happy seeing each other. The families keep meeting for common festivals.

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