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Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Ishqbaaz: Zain Imam to spread charm as magician Taj… Anika learns that Shivay’s best friend Mohit is coming. He prepares organic food for Mohit. He tells her that his friend is very sensitive about food. Anika asks him more about his friend. He tells her that Mohit is famous as the magician, Taj. Anika tells him that she has heard about Taj. Shivay prepares everything to welcome Mohit and his wife Nancy. He does a lot for his best friend. Anika tells Gauri about Shivay’s over the top preparations for his best friend Mohit. Gauri finds it really strange. Everyone gets awaiting for the guests. Shivay looks forward to welcome his friend.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita tells the family that Raman should take good rest post the surgery. The family elders pray for Raman’s fast recovery. Everyone gets happy on meeting Romi. He shares their sorrow. He assures them that everything will get fine. He hides that he has gone to met Parmeet. Bhallas want to meet Raman and stay with him. Ishita is sent to take rest. Simmi feels guilty that Raman is suffering because of her and Parmeet. She apologizes to Romi. She tells him that she is responsible for everyone. He asks her not to feel guilty. He is happy that he got his loving sister back. He tells her that he has forgiven her, as she isn’t guilty of Parmeet’s crimes.


Naksh reprimands Kartik for meeting Naira again. He asks Kartik and Naira to maintain some distance. He tells Naira that she shouldn’t meet Kartik and Goenkas now. He asks Kartik to understand and not repeat his mistake. He doesn’t feel like insulting Kartik. He asks Kartik to beware of his anger, since he will react worse next time. Lav and Kush feel bad that they have called Naira and got Kartik insulted by Naksh. Kartik’s gift for Naira drops there. Naira gets his gift and forgets the family’s annoyance. Suwarna tries to talk to Kartik when he comes home. Manish asks her not to rush and hurt Kartik’s sentiments. The elders learn about Naksh insulting Kartik. Suwarna gets angry knowing this and calls up Singhanias to seek an answer about Naksh’s misdeed.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Tevar welcomes Kulfi in the form of happiness in his life. He shows his lavish house to her and tells her that this is her house. He surprises her with a decorated room. He asks her to call her dad. She tells him that she needs some time to call him dad. He asks her to feel like home. She asks him where is the music room. He tells her that they can make music in any room of the house, as music isn’t limited. He asks her not to compare things with Sikandar’s house, as this is their house. He asks the servants to be with Kulfi and fulfill all her wishes. Sikandar makes a cake to apologize to Amyra. Lovely thanks Bebe for supporting her. Bebe tells her that she has sent Kulfi, knowing Kulfi won’t be happy in their family. Kulfi misses Tevar.


Muskaan and Aarti stay separated. Aarti murders a man who tries to molest her. She gets arrested by police. She begs Tabassum to help her out, being a woman and her caretaker since long. She asks Tabassum not to send her to jail. She clarifies that she had committed the murder in defense. The police doesn’t listen to her and takes her away. Aarti wants to get free. Muskaan has no idea about Aarti’s crime. Sir ji meets Aarti in the jail and strikes a deal with her. He tells her that he will bail her oit and support her from now on, only if she ends her ties with her daughter Muskaan. Sir ji tells Aarti and Tabassum that he will be taking Muskaan along with him. He asks Aarti to decide whose freedom she wants. He promises to free Aarti if she is ready to part ways with Muskaan.

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