Krishna Chali London: Radhe-Krishna’s Janmashtami Celebrations

Krishna Chali London: Radhe to confess love to Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Radhe-Krishna’s Janmashtami Celebrations… Krishna gets ousted from the family because of Radhe’s misunderstanding. Krishna watches the film in which she spots the same man who has created a mess in Shukla house as the fake tax officer. She learns that the man is actually a small time actor. She wonders who has hired him to create the drama in the house. Krishna learns Shukla’s planning to get her ousted from the house. She meets Shukla during Janmashtami Celebrations and throws an open challenge for him. Shukla and Krishna try to battle for Radhe and their rights. Krishna regards Shukla a Raavan and wants to end his evil. Shukla swears to get Radhe remarried and make his new bahu do the aarti till Diwali’s Laxmi Puja.

Radhe and Krishna will be seen in Radhe-Krishna’s avatars in their Janmashtami. Radhe plays the flute. Krishna dances on his tunes. They perform the special dance in Janmashtami. This turns out to be Radhe’s dream sequence.

He loves Krishna a lot, but he doesn’t have any belief in her now. Krishna has learnt that Shukla has separated them. Krishna wants to ruin Shukla’s ego. Krishna wants to blackmail Shukla that she will expose his truth to Radhe. Radhe is heartbroken because of Krishna and Prashant’s fake love story. Radhe gets happy to see Krishna back, but he stays annoyed with her. Krishna wants to teach a lesson to Shukla. Radhe and Krishna have a moment. They do the Janmashtami puja together.

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