Udaan: Suraj and Chakor’s estranged relations

Udaan Colors Vijayendra Meera amazing pairing missed

Udaan: Suraj and Chakor’s estranged relations… Suraj returns to Aazaadgunj. He stops the car seeing the procession passing. He watches Anjor’s cute doings. He goes to talk to the little girl. Anjor takes the Ganpati pandal. Anjor asks Suraj if she can apply colors to him. Suraj permits her and gets happiness to bond with her. Chakor follows Anjor and sees Anjor with someone. Chakor explains Anjor that she can’t apply colors to any stranger. Anjor tells Chakor that Suraj has become her friend. Chakor makes Suraj wash his face and helps him. Chakor comes face to face with Suraj. Chakor realizes Suraj isn’t any stranger. Suraj gets happy to see Anjor’s innocent appeal.

Suraj watches Anjor and forgets all his sorrows for a while. He misses Saanvi. Suraj and Chakor meet because of Anjor. Time stops for them. They don’t realize how fate has brought them together again.

They recollect their love journey and also the bad phase of their lives when they lost Saanvi forever. They fail to realize that Saanvi is still with them as Anjor, who is bringing them together. Suraj gets angry on Chakor. He holds her responsible for Saanvi’s death. He controls his anger. Anjor tries to make them bond. She becomes a link between them. Suraj and Chakor’s mixed emotions will be seen. Chakor tries to talk to Suraj, but he starts avoiding her.


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