Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar and Tevar to make big promises

Amyra dislikes Kulfi

Kullfi goes with Tevar to his house to start living with him, after accepting him as his father, just because of Sikandar’s words. She blindly believes Sikandar. She doesn’t want to hurt Tevar as well. She faces many problems at Tevar’s home, because she finds it hard to adjust in his house. Tevar tries hard to pacify her. Sikandar tries to explain Amyra that he loves her, but her growing demands fail him as a father. Sikandar fails to convince Amyra. She creates a big scene when Kulfi calls up Sikandar. He unwillingly disconnects Kulfi’s call, which makes Kulfi too sad. Kulfi misses Sikandar badly and tells Tevar that she wishes to meet him. Tevar feels angry that Sikandar broke Kulfi’s heart for Amyra’s sake once again.

He wants his daughter to stay happy. He determines to teach a lesson to Lovely and Amyra, who always conspired against Kulfi. Tevar consoles Kulfi and tells her that he will call Sikandar to fix their meeting.

Kulfi listens to Sikandar’s song, while he sings for Amyra. Kulfi gets at peace listening to his voice. She feels though they stay close, they got much distant. Tevar makes a promise to Kulfi that he will organize the Dahi Handi competition and win it for her. Amyra too wants to enjoy the Dahi Handi, and makes Sikandar promise that he will win the competition and break the Matki. Sikandar and Tevar meet in the competition and have a clash, both willing to win for their daughters’ sake.

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