Internet Wala Love: Aadhya clears the marriage rumors

Internet Wala Love Jai on verge of realizing love

Internet Wala Love: Aadhya clears the marriage rumors… Jai puts Aadhya in a fix once again. Aadhya faces the bad questions of the neighbors. Aadhya bears all the tortures because of Jai. Everyone assumes that Aadhya got married and didn’t tell anything to her parents. Aadhya’s parents support her and have faith in her. Neighbors insult Aadhya. They test her patience. Aadhya asks them to listen to her once. Jai proves that Aadhya has eloped from the home to marry her lover, while the truth remains that she had run away from the balcony just to be at her office on time. She tells them that her room door was stuck and she had no other option than to leave from the balcony. Jai has spread the video to create the misconception.

Aadhya tells them that the video is fake, she was rushing to office and this is the truth. She asks them not to follow the fake world of internet. She disapproves internet and social media again.

She didn’t imagine Jai’s one video will create so much trouble for her. Jai didn’t mean to get her humiliated. He jokingly tags Aadhya and puts their pictures and videos on social media. Aadhya thinks Jai is crossing limits and now she has to teach him a lesson. Aadhya answers the neighbors and makes them out of the house. Aadhya struggles and takes Mahira’s help to save her house from Mittals. Aadhya will soon learn that Jai is the heir of Mittal family.


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