Kaleerein: Sunny draws a separation between Vivaan-Meera

Kaleerein: Sunny to toughen Meera's struggles

Kaleerein: Sunny draws a separation between Vivaan-Meera.. Vivaan and Sunny fight for Meera. There is a big drama. Everyone wants to know whom did Meera marry in the mandap. Meera tells Amar that she has married Vivaan, but Sunny calls it a big lie. Sunny insults Meera’s values and asks her how can she lie about her husband. Meera hugs Vivaan and cries. Sunny breaks their moment and claims that she is his wife. Meera tells her parents that Sunny is a big fraud, Sunny had kidnapped Vivaan, but Vivaan is her husband. She tries to get proof against Sunny. Vivaan beats Sunny and teaches him a lesson. Sunny leaves the family in confusion. Amar slaps Vivaan and ousts him from the house. He asks Vivaan to stop it now, he won’t bear it more.

Sunny gets beaten up to show the family that he is a good person and Vivaan is the villain. He wants to pretend good and convince Meera’s family. Vivaan is thrown out of the house, while Meera is caught up her family.

Amar takes Sunny for the aid. He asks Meera not to mock marriage and accept Sunny as her husband. Meera fails to prove that she has married Vivaan. Just Sunny knows about their marriage, but he denies it. Sunny has his own plans. He just wants to hurt Vivaan and his family. He has no enmity with Meera. He wants to break Vivaan’s heart by turning him jealous using Meera. Sunny reveals his planning to Vivaan to anger him and make him appear wrong in front of the family.

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