Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra’s jealousy gets reprimanded by Tevar

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra's jealousy gets reprimanded by Tevar

Tevar finds Kullfi sad. He sings and dances for her. He wants to cheer her up. She thinks of Sikandar all the while. She stays unhappy. Tevar puts Kulfi to sleep. Amyra is depressed because of Sikandar. He keeps an eye on Amyra and feels bad that he is responsible for her tears. Sikandar sings a song for Amyra. Lovely gets hopeful that Sikandar is coming closer to family. Kulfi hears Sikandar singing the song for Amyra and cries out. Sikandar wants Amyra to forgive him. Amyra doesn’t forgive him. Kulfi recollects Sikandar, who shatters that he has lost Amyra. Kulfi sings for Sikandar and cries in his memory. Tevar gets sorrowful on seeing his daughter crying for Sikandar. He gives her time.

He plans the next day with Kulfi. He tries hard to keep Kulfi happy. Sikandar promises Bebe that he will get Amyra back home. Bebe is relieved that Kulfi is well-raised by Tevar.

She tells Mohendar that Tevar will keep Kulfi happy, unlike Lovely who won’t let Kulfi stay with Sikandar. Tevar guides Kulfi and welcomes her home. He tells her that she has brought happiness in his life. He ensures that he won’t let anything happen to her. Kulfi tells him that she needs time to adjust with him, her new dad. He tells her about Krishna raised by his foster parents. He asks Kulfi to stay happy.

She imagines Sikandar as her real father, who has given her to Tevar. She gets talking about Sikandar again, which upsets Tevar. He wants to make a place in his daughter’s heart. Amyra visits Kulfi and gets angry on her. Kulfi cries because of Amyra’s blames once again. Tevar gets angry on Amyra and restricts her from hurting his daughter. He defends Kulfi. He doesn’t want Amyra to ill treat Kulfi.

Amyra asks him about his promise that he will always support her. She gets depressed that Kulfi is snatching everything from her. Tevar asks Kulfi not to cry and divert her mind. He tells her about Dahi Handi competition. He promises to win the competition for her sake. He wishes he gets happiness for Kulfi. Amyra overhears them and wants Sikandar to win the competition and rewards for her. She wants Kulfi to lose some how.

Sikandar apologizes to Amyra and wants her back home. Amyra asks him to win the competition for her sake, to which he readily agrees. Sikandar doesn’t want to lose this opportunity to win her heart. He doesn’t know that Amyra is asking for this petty wish to hurt Kulfi. Both the father-daughter pairings grace the function. Kulfi meets Sikandar and gets emotional. Tevar and Sikandar have the friendly competition. Amyra challenges Kulfi again. Kulfi wants Sikandar and Amyra to be happy.

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